Road Schooling can be challenging and many families are always looking for ideas on how they can incorporate their travels and adventures into schooling.  Ensuring that the kids are having a blast and also learning at the same time.  Narelle from Travelling with Autism in a Caravan-Australia spent 4 weeks in Adelaide and shares with us what worked for her and her kids… Real Stories | Real Families…

In deciding to do our Lap around this amazing country we made a decision that we would not spend too much time in any of the Capital Cities. We have visited most of them prior to the lap. We initially planned to stay in Adelaide for 1 week and it turned into 4 weeks. Hubby had work commitments that kept being extended back in Perth. I was in Adelaide playing single mum. What to do with 2 boys and how I could incorporate our activities into school work? Firstly, we were staying at the BIG4 West Beach Parks, this had its pluses, the boys could swim, play in the splash zone, play in the playgrounds, play on the jumping pillows, ride their bikes and swim at the beach.

Staying at the BIG4 West Beach Parks provided the boys with the following opportunities:

  1. Surfing Lesson run by the park during school holidays.
  2. The Beach Studio Art Classes run by Julia. The boys attended four of these classes at the West Beach SLC on Saturday mornings.
  3. Mega Adventure, the boys had to problem solve and climb great heights to get to the top. They could row a boat, play tennis, ride a scooter, ride an esky and have a ninja challenge up in the sky and then absail back down.
  4. Mini Golf, the course is next door to the caravan park
  5. Big Wedgie operates during the summer school holidays.

Staying at the BIG4 meant there was a bus out front which went to the city or Glenelg and then you can take a tram to the City.

Activities we did in Adelaide for Road Schooling:

  1. Central Market exploring and tasting food from the SA Region.
  2. Popeye Boat Ride, we hired a paddle boat as well. The boys had to lean how to ride the boat and move it safely through the river. On the Popeye the boys learnt about the River Torrens and got to drive the boat.
  3. The Beach House Indoor Amusement Centre. The boys had to work out how to effectively use 120 minutes into all the activities they wanted to do. They played video games, went on water slides and played mini golf.
  4. Adelaide Gaol, when we attended, they had the Escape from Gaol program running where the boys had to solve a number of clues to complete the puzzle.
  5. Holy Moley Mini Golf, this was a quirky mini golf with a twist and the boys had to think logically and problem solve in order to get through the course.
  6. Haigh’s Chocolate Tour, the boys learnt about the history of the Haigh’s family and chocolate production. Very informative tour about chocolate production.
  7. Himeji Garden, a place to rest, breathe and relax.
  8. South Australian Museum. They have worksheets you can download and print on their website that correlates to your child’s current year level.
  9. Port Adelaide has the Maritime Museum, Lighthouse, Railway Museum and Aviation Museum. You get a discount if you visit all of them. Apart from the Aviation museum the other museums have worksheets you can download and print on their website that correlates to your child’s current year level.
  10. Tree Climb the boys have to negotiate obstacles in order to walk up high amongst the trees
  11. Adelaide Zoo have worksheets you can download and print on their website that correlates to your child’s current year level.
  12. Adelaide Botanical Gardens you can email and request a self-guided tour worksheet for your child’s current year level.
  13. MOD offers different scientific exhibits when we visited, they had a sleep room. An iPad zone of different strategic games and a room with an Interactive Globe you could change the information that the Globe presented.
  14. St Kilda Adventure Playground has a range of different slides and play equipment for children to climb and explore.

We had a fun and exciting time exploring Adelaide.

Oli age 7 his favourite activity was the Big Chukka.

Zac age 9 living with Autism, his favourite activity was the Tree Climb and Mod.

I was impressed that the museums, the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens had curriculum-based activities on their website that the public can access.

We had a fun and adventurous time in Adelaide the boys learnt how to use a Metcard on pubic transport, they learnt how to read a bus, tram and train timetable. They learnt how to connect from a bus to a tram to a train. We all learnt together as a family how to problem solve and work as a team when we got lost on the bus and ended up way off course.

Our unexpected 4 week stay in Adelaide was fun and full of adventure and was really easy to adapt to schooling on the road with a special needs child.

You can follow Narelle and her family via their Facebook Page and can read about how they got going BELOW:

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