Tahune Air Walk

Tahune Adventures is about a 90 minute drive from Hobart which is one of the main attractions of Southern Tasmania. The Tahune Air Walk enables you to do a leisurely walk above the forests canopy and see giant trees up close and personal. With views of the Huon and Picton Rivers, the 600 meter walkway ends at a platform that shoots out over the river. The spectacular views that have you taking in the mountains World Heritage Area and slightly swaying in the wind!

There are plenty of trail walk to choose from. The Swinging Bridges loop is a gorgeous walk and the kids got a real thrill out of the swinging bridges. The bridges being 100 meters and 62 meters long, have the waters of the Huon and Picton Rivers rushing underneath you. Allow an hour for this easy walk which is very manageable with kids under five.

The Huon Pine walk is a shorter one at 20 minutes where you will be able to touch and see some of the largest and rare Huon Pine.

If you’re a bit of a thrill seeker try out the Eagle Glider where you’ll be harnessed up to glide through the forest!

Tahune Adventures holds an excellent cafe and gift shop. Grab yourself some lunch or a coffee after the beautiful walks through Tahune. Cost of entry for an adult is $30 and kids under 5 are FREE!

Eagle Glider cost – Adult $19 and a weight restriction minimum of 25kg, therefore no little ones.

Tasmazia & The Village of Lower Crackpot

Now this place is the definition of fun. For all ages! Tasmazia is a unique, delightful and crazy complex within the Cradle Mountain District. Only a 35 minute drive south-west of Devonport, it is most certainly a place you need to see. It prides itself on being “politically incorrect” and we thoroughly enjoyed the fanciful artwork and signage throughout.

It showcases eight mazes to lose yourself in, as well as a model village that is playful and mischievous with plenty of adult innuendo and dad jokes. The Embassy Gardens are amusing and we had a fantastic time here. The kids favourite part was the Three Teddy Bears Treehouse, I could have left and they wouldn’t have noticed! They had plenty of fun in all the mazes and we were all to test out balance at the Balance Maze.

You need to allow about 2 hours or more to explore Tasmazia’s mazes and if you’re up for a delicious lunch, stop in at the Cafeteria which are famous for their pancakes. With a playground right out front, you will be able to enjoy a coffee in peace.This place also holds a gift shop and lavender farm which is in full flower in the month of January. We were lucky enough to have meet the owner who’s one of the funniest blokes and a real character!

Built on a former dairy farm, Tasmazia has been devised and built for all to enjoy. As the owner Brian says “we like everyone to come in with a smile and leave laughing”

  • Children under 4 are FREE
  • Kids from 4 – $13.75
  • Adult – $27.50

The Berry Patch at Turner’s Beach

The Berry Patch is a family-run, pick your own berry farm located in Turner’s Beach about 10 minutes from Devonport. We have done several berry farms over the last few years and this would have to be one of the best!

When you arrive at the Berry Patch you’ll notice that there is a shop and licensed cafe. They feature quality Tasmanian ingredients and pride themselves on their real fruit ice creams and wood fired pizza’a. We can tell you, that the coffee is delicious, they source there own freshly roasted beans and its a lovely setting to enjoy a cuppa! At the shop you can purchase homemade jams and relishes, if your not interested in picking, you can buy your own pre-picked punnet’s to take with you.

Picking our own berries was a lot of fun and they are seriously tasty!! With strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and tayberries to choose from and we were excited by the variety and abundance of fresh berries. We were given a large container for each of the kids and off they went. They definitely ate more than what was  actually collected as there was loads of berries available, plus they just couldn’t help themselves. It was great for the kids to see how berries are grown, the tastes and textures of each. After the container was filled, we purchased each of them for $5. What a bargain and an excellent day out!

After the berry picking, the kids were able to explore the hay maze. Plenty of fun had and we could also check out the horse and cart mural.

There is no cost to enter Berry Patch, however if you’d like to pick the berries it is $5 for your plastic container.

Get to Berry Patch to enjoy the sweet tastes of nature and a wonderful experience for the whole family.

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