Have you spent years watching other people travel around our amazing country, hitting the road for months and years at a time?

Maybe you have wondered if your family could do it? But, hang on…

How the hell do they fund their adventures? How can they afford it? I could never sell my house…is that how they do it?

Last year we interviewed over 20 full time travelling families and asked them ‘How much it all cost?’ and also if they sold up? You can read more about that one here… But, what if that isn’t an option!

How else could you fund your adventures?

You have the plan – you want to do an extended trip – but you will need to work while you are travelling. What are your options?

We have spent years chatting with travelling families, at caravan shows, at events, across our platforms and socials and one of the most common questions is: How can I make some extra cash while we are on the road?

Adele (Founder/Owner of CWK) hanging out with Mandy from Travel Australia with Kids at the Perth Caravan & Camping Show. Since 2015 Adele has chatted with thousands of families about caravanning, camping and ADVENTURE!

Here are 3 Top tips put together by our team:

1: Do you have a trade? Are you qualified?

This is one of the most common way travellers fund their adventures. From Electricians to Hairdressers, from Mechanics to Chefs, from Nurses to Accountants! Taking your skill on the road can be a great option.

“I have a little A frame sign that I put outside my van with times I am available to cut hair, do trims, style – even colour. Every caravan park we have stayed in I have had heaps of work” ~ Lisa Hairdresser WA

“I always ask the parkies if it’s ok and put a poster in the toilets and the laundry – the work flows in within hours of our set up” ~ Sara Waxing Specialist NSW

“We put signage and magnets on our car before we left – we mainly stay at free camps and pick up loads of work. Hubby is an auto- electrician”

“I’m a nurse – lots of work – my husband is a “stay at van Dad” lol

Thanks to the internet & wifi – taking your work or profession on the road is so much easier! This comes with the BEST OFFICE!

Working from ANYWHERE!

“I’m an accountant and approached my boss before we left to see if I could work remotely for 6 months while we did our lap – I went in with a very detailed plan and he said YES!

“I am a photographer – I sell my photos to tourism operators, magazines, social platforms. Combining my love of photography and travel is very rewarding”

“I am business coach and keep intouch with my clients via skype and phone. I book them in around site seeing with my family. If we are remote and I have no service then I don’t work. It really is that simple.” ~ Gary SA

There are so many other examples we could share with you, but it will make this article the longest on the net!

2: Part Time or Casual Work:

Does it really matter what you do while you are away? Are you prepared to step outside your comfort zone or try something different? Or maybe just help out in a community that needs extra sets of hands?

“There are lots of labouring jobs for guys and girls – from fruit picking to factory/farm work – jump on the local community groups on Facebook when you arrive to a region and ask, if you don’t ask, you won’t know”

“I’m a legal assistant at home, but found myself cleaning toilets in a caravan park, gardening, factory work and baby sitting – these jobs were only temporary, I met amazing people and it paid for more petrol, food and experiences”

“I hadn’t worked behind a bar for decades, but found I still loved it – it worked in with our travels and the kids”

3: Affiliate Marketing!

Disclaimer: We LOVE Affiliate Marketing and have an amazing program that 100’s of travelling families enjoy!

It really is incredible to see how far ‘revenue sharing’ has come in the last 20 years. The introduction of the internet saw Affiliate marketing BLOW UP! Not to be confused with MLM or Multi Level Marketing, Affiliate Marketing is very simple, easy and can be effectively launched with very little skills & knowledge.

So, what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning income every time you promote someone elses products or services. If you generate a sale for the company, you get paid. If you don’t generate a sale, you do not get paid.

Yup – it’s that simple – let’s break it down further:

eg: You have one of our Pegless Clotheslines and LOVE IT! You post a photo on your Facebook Page to let other people know how cool it is, your followers want to buy one – you add your affiliate link, they buy one and you get a big chunk of that sale!

Mim from Aussie Destinations Unknown demonstrating how to use the Slide n’ Dry Pegless Clothesline – this was posted on their Facebook Page and generated sales & income.

Different companies offer varying commission percentages from 2% – 20%+ – you can start Affiliate marketing with little or no experience and you don’t need a big following or even a website!

Affiliate Marketing and Influencer Marketing are similar. In affiliate marketing, you will only get paid if your followers purchase. Influencer marketing is generally flat-fee based or you will get paid on a click or impression basis.

If you have a strong social media following or a kick arse website that gets heaps of traffic or product killer content – then influencer marketing can be very lucrative. Be prepared through, it can take years of unpaid ‘work’ & loads of upskilling to get paid to be an influencer marketer or travel blogger. Check out this popular article about Blogging! Is it for you?

If you would like more information about the Caravanning with Kids/Pets-Travelling with Kids Affiliate Program – please get in touch here – we would love to have you on board and offer all our Affiliate families ongoing support & guidance…

MLM – Multi Level Marketing – What’s it like? Is it for you?

We recently asked Sharon from Galways Go Round to comment on her positive experiences – her travelling family dove into MLM as an income stream and have since helped many other families dive in too…

“Network Marketing was high on our list of “never, ever, evers!” but when a successful business mentor introduced us to the idea of Network Marketing as a way of adding an extra stream of income to our business and family budget, we took the time to have a serious look at the model. What we realised was that it was a fantastic business model for anyone wanting a side income and was a great fit for the community of caravanning families who want to create an online income, save for a lap around Australia or perhaps even save up for their next upgrade.

Before joining, we compared a number of companies. We also carefully considered the leaders with whom we would choose to partner. It was important to us that the company and team we would join was in alignment with our family values, had the highest quality products which we would be happy to use and incorporate into our lifestyle everyday and also feel comfortable and confident recommending them to others. We chose a 25-year-old legacy company with over 550 chemical-free products, a global reach and over 2 decades of paying its members. We have been able to show others how they can go caravanning almost completely chemical-free, take better care of their health and wellbeing and gain an income at the same time. Our experience in Network Marketing has been nothing short of amazing and we haven’t even touched on the global community we’re privileged to be part of, the awesome people we’ve met, the exciting incentives or the personal growth and development training. We, like many, know all too well why people may be turned off by having an MLM business- it’s the reason it was on our list of “never, ever, evers”! Hype, pushy tactics and hoodwinking have unfortunately tarnished the industry but thankfully it’s rapidly changing. The best trainers, companies and organisations teach and practice professionalism, transparency, respect and authenticity- no hype, no hoodwinking, no being pushy and definitely no spamming!

Sharon working from her office!

For anyone wanting to fully understand how Network Marketing actually works and discover whether it might be a good fit for them, or learn more about our organisation, they are welcome to contact us via our website. www.galwaysgoround.com.au

Working as an Ambassador! How does that work?

Securing work as an Ambassador is HUGE and every exciting! Sometimes this can take your ‘holiday adventure’ into a full time job. Is that what you want on your travels? The travel industry have an abundance of opportunities out there – from promoting products to reviewing services. Your content will need to be spot on and your commitment to the brand be unwavering. If you need any guidance or support – our team are here to help. We can review contracts & offer advice.

We also asked Sharon about her work with Red Paddle Co:

“After working as Brand Ambassadors for Red Paddle Co, who manufacture high-quality inflatable stand up paddle boards, we realised that over a few months we were generating board sales just by riding our board and sharing images, videos and stories. Needless to say, despite having minimal sales and marketing experience we really wanted to find a way to capitalise on the traction we were gaining. Instead of approaching a retailer to partner with in order to receive a referral commission, Red allowed us to became a retailer in our own right, focusing our efforts primarily online at the caravanning, camping and leisure market.

Since we were full-time caravaners ourselves, there was no possible way that we could carry stock, so instead we negotiated the ability to have our boards drop-shipped to our customers directly from the warehouse. This meant we only needed to carry a small number of boards for demonstration and display without the need for inventory, which proved to be a fantastic way of doing business online. We would highly recommend starting a small drop-shipping business to retail a product or products that you use and love as a way of gaining an online income. After 12 months of successful mobile retailing, Sharon was recently offered the opportunity to join the global Red Paddle Co team as the Australian East Coast Sales and Marketing Manager, working remotely and so continues to be able to work online. Sometimes you just never know where you’re going to end up, in our experience it’s definitely worth diving in the deep end and taking the road less travelled! www.redpaddleco.com

We also have travellers earning money from selling our products at markets and from their caravans – we call them Roving Stockists!

Can you fund your travels??

Do you need assistance??

We would love to hear from you…

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