After finding our third Brown Snake in our back yard this Summer, we decided as a family,  to do some homework about Snake Bites and snakes in Australia. WOW! So much information and surprisingly for us grown ups, there was a lot of knowledge we were lacking…

After scrolling through loads of information, we have put together some of the ones that we found useful….

  1.  First stop was this ripper article about the Top 5 Venomous Snakes in Australia by Australian Do Lover.  A good start to get an understanding of what we are dealing with here in Oz.

2.  What do you do if you get bitten by a snake? This scares us, especially with young kids and fur babies – so this is very important to share and educate your kids about what to do!  This is a great article by Australian Red Cross on First Aid for a Snakebite .

3.  Recently the ABC released this article about how to stay safe as the warmer weather sees an increase in Snake sitings… Life Saving lessons for Snake Bites Ahead of Warmer Weather!

4.  Here’s a great Snake Bite infographic you can print out from St John Ambulance.

5.  One of our favourites is from Mum Central – SURVIVAL GUIDE: What To Do if a Snake Bites Your Child.

We hope you find the info int these articles as useful as we did!

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