Able Tasman Caravan Park

One of the BEST things about the Abel Tasman Caravan Park is LOCATION – only 7kms from the Spirit of Tasmania! The perfect base to start our Tour of Tassie adventure.  We pulled in and found our spot, for what was going to be our home for the next 3 nights.  A base to explore Devonport and what the surrounding area has to offer.  A smooth departure from the Spirit and a quick drive up the road and we were there.  Our first night in Tassie was always going to be FUN, we headed over with our great mates from TIAV and were met at the park with a very warm welcome the Blonde Nomads – our families were in for a wonderful stay at the Abel Tasman.

The sites were a mix or grass and sand/dirt and many might have struggled with our 24ft rig.  Never the less all three of us managed to get our rigs where they needed to go. Right next to the camp kitchen. It was perfect!

Everything was all in proportion. The camp kitchen was small, the toilet block was small, even the laundry was small. Hell, the office was small too. The one thing that wasn’t small… was the park. This large park that stretches along the beach and can cater for many caravans, tents, and even motor homes.  All the #spiritedtravellers making their journey  to and from the main land.  There were a lot of on site vans at this park too and the owners  that we spoke to were all lovely and had some good stories to tell us.

The camp kitchen got rocking at our happy hour!  We love hosting happy hours when we do our big adventures, and we were super excited to be doing this one with our full time travelling mates.  You never know how many families will come along…they started to arrive as we fired up the BBQ and then they just kept on coming and coming and coming. We even had two families that lived outside of Devonport come in to say hi just for the happy hour.

Sausages were cooking, onion smells went through the park, the beer tasted great and at some point, throughout the night even the girls singing behind the bar sounded ok. Park etiquette went out the window that night as we were told to turn the music down around 1030pm.  Oops…it was a special occasion! Lucky for us, there were no complaints from parkies as they were all at the happy hour, we just needed to follow the rules.  Which we were more than happy to do so.  It was a cracker of a night and there were certainly some sore heads the next day, let me tell you.

The toilet block was only a tennis ball throw away, and even though it was small, it certainly was kept VERY clean. Not once did I go and find it dirty. I reckon these guys cleaned it at least 3-4 times a day.  The 7 kids (between 3 families) had fun exploring the park, going up and down the hills, playing chasey and hide and seek.  A couple of the kids even found an old van with a set of Bulls horns which they thought were pretty cool. Not something that you see every day that’s for sure.  Welcome to Tassie!

The laundry was small but also clean. It had 2 washing machines and 1 dryer and a couple of couches you could sit on and read a book. The park did not house a playground for the kids but there was one at the bottom end of the park near the beach. This was for public use and the kids loved it.

The scenery was great from the park. You could see the “Spirit of Tasmania” come and go everyday. Listen to it blow its horn just before it gets into the bay.  Just gorgeous!

If you want a nice, clean, well-kept and cheap caravan park and don’t want to drive far once you have disembarked off the ship, then why not try out “The Able Tasman Caravan Park” : Thumbs up from us.

Abel Tasman Caravan Park:  Located on the corner of the Mersey River mouth (where the Spirit of Tasmania enters the port) and the beach you cant get any closer. Come and see the Spirit of Tasmania enter or leave the port and feel the powerful vibrations pulse through your body while the captain navigates the vessel with in inches of either side of the river bank. It is truly an amazing sight to enjoy.

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