Have you visited Busselton Jetty? It has become a favourite destination for travellers as they head along the west coast of our gorgeous country. The Busselton Jetty has grown to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Margaret River area. (…find out more about Margaret River here…

“The Busselton Jetty is 1.841km long. It is the longest timber piled jetty in the southern hemisphere and is operated by a non-profit community organisation known as Busselton Jetty Inc. Proceeds from ticket sales contribute to jetty maintenance and conservation.”

“The jetty features a rail line along its length, a relic of the railway line into Busselton from Bunbury. The line now carries tourists along the jetty to an underwater observatory, one of only six natural aquariums in the world, which opened to the public in 2003.”

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There is so much to do and see at the Busselton Jetty. One of the wonderous experiences is in the Underwater Observatory. We caught up with them to find out what they had planned for the winter season.

Do fish hide in a storm? Do they get scared? Do they cuddle together? Why do Whales travel in groups?  Why do Sharks go into a trance? What are Sharks afraid of?

The Marine Science team at the Busselton Jetty will entertain visitors this year with new Winter Tours in the Underwater Observatory starting in June, 8m under water featuring new augmented and virtual reality technology of Whales, Sharks and Cyclones so you think you are actually there. 

The Jetty has found amazing technology around the world so local Bunbury based company INTR Studio is developing some cool Jetty interactive installations that will scare some people and excite others, including new marine mask social filters.

To book online an Underwater Winter Whale, Shark and Storm Tour after June 10 2021 visit www.busseltonjetty.com.au

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