Are you planning the Gibb River Road? Can you tow a caravan along the Gibb River Road?

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The Gibb River Road was originally built to transport cattle from the surrounding stations to Derby and Wyndham. Since those stations opened their doors to travellers, it has become one of Australia’s most popular tourist routes. It provides access to the magnificent Kimberley region and its very diverse landscapes, which range from lush, tropically vegetated river gorges and rainforests, to vast savannah woodlands and open plains, all of which have stood the test of time and prospered despite human intervention. The road covers a distance of about 660 km and should only be travelled in the dry season, April –  November

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After sifting through loads of articles – we came across this awesome one that will answer all your questions about towing a caravan along the Gibb River Road…

One of the most frequently asked reader questions is – can we take our caravan on the Gibb River Road?

There is no simple answer to this as there are many issues to consider:

Do you have a dedicated off-road caravan?
How good is the caravan suspension?
What the state of the Gibb River Road will be?
How fast you drive?

It is possible to travel the Gibb River Road with an off-road caravan, but you should definitely not tow a standard road caravan. The only exception to this is if you would like to visit El Questro from Kununurra

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Another ripper article is this one from Without A Hitch:


Want to eat fresh fish under the stars, or tackle Australia’s most famous dirt track? Visit the Gibb River Road ASAP!



Thanks so much TIAV for this gorgeous photo of Emma Gorge and our feature photo of the Coburg Ranges.

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