Do you need a washing machine in your caravan? Adding a caravan washing machine to your set up is one question that we find is tossed around the campfire often. As we headed into our own caravan build, we found ourselves asking the same question – should we get a caravan washing machine? would we be best to ditch it and use the space for storage? We recently asked our amazing caravanning & camping community about their thoughts around the caravan washing machine debate! The results swung hard towards PRO washing machine in the van!

We asked our Aussie Big Lappers community…

“Never thought I’d bother, then we started travelling more, the laundromat / cp machine $$ started to add up, so when we upgraded the van we included a machine. Have only been on two or three trips and now I don’t know what we’d do without it. Hardest thing has been drying them in the Victorian winter. But we’re figuring that out as we go. If we’re using the machine, we’re obvs on power, so clothes can hang in the van with the heater on 👌🏼
Plus Miss 4 LOVES when the van rocks during the spin cycle 🤣” – Deonee M

“We bought a portable one as our van doesn’t have one it cost us $130 delivered and I can say it’s saved us massively. If we upgrade our van I’ll 1000% be getting one added for sure” – Teagan V

“Washing machine is only useful when you have power and water. We bush camp as much as possible” – Lynne W

“I will never go back to not having one now. Mine is a front loader and although it’s a bit harder on our clothes, it’s awesome. We go away a lot with friends and they use it too. It’s getting expensive to use CP laundry’s now. And I know the clothes will come out clean unlike in some laundromats” – Mel M

“I didn’t think I needed one till I was folding the kids clothes that I’d just washed and put through the CP washers and dryers and found a pube 🤢😱 it wasn’t the right colour for us so I decided then and there we needed one and haven’t regretted it it’s been amazing whilst travelling even on overnighteres I wash them hang in a clothes horse put in spot in hallway near table. And it dries as we travel” – Elissa G

“Have a 4kg front loader and love it. Don’t have a dirty clothes basket as it all gets put in the washing machine and when it’s full gets turned on” – Amy M

Aussie made Pegless Clotheslines are PERFECT for your washing on the road!

“We made the decision not to put one in. We wash once a week approx which we either use a laundromat or caravan park machine. Yes you do have to pay to wash but we have 2 kids 14&12 and the size of the caravan machines (really don’t fit much in) verses the weight of them for us didn’t seem worth while. We have been on the road for 7 months and not regretting the decision at all” – Lisa P

“We are traveling with 3 kids. I did not want to lose the storage space but a machine was a must have. We got a portable one and it lives in the shower when we are moving. If we stay in a caravan park we might leave outside otherwise we move it on top of the toilet if we need to use the shower. It is amazing, I don’t have to take it anywhere to do the washing as can fill with the shower head and drain straight into shower also” – Cynthia V

“I did a park wash obviously after someone had washed their dog blankets. 😣😠. NEVER AGAIN will I ever do a wash in anything but my own machine. Best buy ever 😀😀” – Robyn L

“We live in our van full time family of 5. I left our washing too long this week and I spent a few hours using our van machine (3kg). It was worth it considering it cost me $30 just to dry everything in the CP dryer 😣 I think we need to downsize on our wardrobes! I’d love a bigger machine but ours is fitted.. but I’ll be looking into it now that I think of it 🙊🙊 ” – Aussie Van Trekkers

“Just remember if you are free camping with no water plugged into the van a load can use up to 30 litres of water from your tanks learnt that one the hard way” – Sandra K

“Yes but a top loader. Family of 7 & it paid for itself many times over and so convenient. Not to mention come home and no big loads of washing to do 👍🏽.” – Jodie T

“I can’t even count the amount of times we’ve used ours in 7 weeks so far. Has been a life saver and money saver. We have a front loader that came with the van, it’s slow, but works well on the lithium/inverter system I have installed when off grid.” – Kenny X

“I bought a van last year and had them modify the plan to incl a front loader. Best decision. It’s fantastic machine, cleans so well. U don’t have to carry so many clothes if away for more than a week. It’s easy!! U won’t regret it” – Kimberley F

“Took ours out and replaced with storage for kids clothes. Much better use of space. I just do loads along the way when needed.” – Jennifer H

….the results went on and on and on – the majority of the feedback that came from full time caravanners was a BIG YES to a caravan washing machine. Top TIPS to consider:

Top TIPS to consider:

  • Some Caravan Washing machines can take up to 30 litres of water…
  • Front loaders can be heavy – up to 50kg….
  • Most top loaders are more economical – however, they take up more room…
  • Unless you have a cool inverter – you will need to be plugged into water & power…
  • Your caravan washing machine can be used a dirty clothes basket…
  • Large family? Will the 3-4kg be enough?
  • COST – cheaper than a caravan park laundry or laundromat …
  • We use & stock all natural DREAMBLY (see below) – 1/2 a sheet in a caravan washing machine = 25c per wash!!
BIODEGRADABLE Laundry Sheets – you only need 1/2 a sheet for a caravan washing machine = 25c per wash!!


We pack really light, the extra storage is not a real issue for us so we have opted to add one to our new caravan – stay tuned – we are heading off for a three month adventure soon and will pop back after the trip to let you know if we would still say YES or ditch it for storage!


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