We can’t wipe the smiles off our faces!  Our Australian run website has been named in the Top 8 Caravanning Blogs Worldwide AGAIN!

Winfields Outdoors in the UK release their TOP Outdoors Blogs worldwide each year.  In 2016 we were named as an Instagram account to watch! In 2017 we were named in the Top 8 Caravanning & Camping blogs…and in 2018, we have just been named again!

Their article titled:  136 Best Outdoor, Walking, Hiking & Camping Bloggers You Need To Follow In 2018, is a comprehensive list of various cool suggestions relating to the great outdoors from all over the world. We feel so honoured to be listed with so many awesome businesses. We popped up in their Caravanning & Campervan section and this is what they had to say:

“Caravanning With Kids – People love to caravan in Australia, and this site is a great resource for all those planning a trip there, especially if you want to do it with children!”

“We LOVE the caravanning industry and lifestyle and enjoy promoting it at every chance we get.  Caravanning changed our lives, it was unexpected (especially for me, who loved a 5 star hotel – read more here) and an experience that we often find hard to explain…that feeling once you set up and have your feet up, kids playing and drink in hand! It was a different type of bliss that we had not experienced before…we were hooked.  We put a whole lot of LOVE into our website, facebook & instagram, so to be recognised like this again is soooooooooooo cool!”

THANK YOU to everyone that follows along and enjoys our posts, articles and tips. You ROCK!! We hope you stick around and enjoy Caravanning with Kids & Travelling with Kids 🙂  There is so much more FUN to be had and incredible places to see…

Happy & Safe Travels,


Adele, Wayne, Ashlee, Kate and the CWK Team xx

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