omelette post

Cooking an omelette in a zip lock bag was something I just had to try…I had seen loads of posts about how quick and easy it is, especially on the road. Although I enjoy to cook, the least amount of time I have to spend in the kitchen or preparing meals when we are away…the better!

A couple of whisked eggs, ham, cheese, diced tomatoes, spring onions and a dash of water…an awesome combination that we all enjoy at home in the fry pan.  This time, whacked it all in a zip lock bag and popped it in a pot of boiling water for about 5 minutes…the results:

It was ok…yup…just ok.  Yes, it was easy…but not as quick as an omelette in the pan or on the BBQ.  The consistency was a little rubbery and odd, but I may have stuffed it up completely…hahaha…

Worth another go…yes…for one reason: “Can we cook it in the bag Mum?” ~ Ashlee thought it was super cool…

Which one do you cook?

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