Not again! Waking up in the morning to find that our mattress protector had worked it’s way off again. We knew we were not alone and had heard many horror stories of caravan, motorhome and camper owners fighting with their linen. So, when we came across Exclusive Caravan Bedding, we thought we were dreaming… Linen that had curved corners to fit the bed perfectly? Really?
We met Narelle and her gorgeous family at the Explore Australia Expo, they had linen there that we just couldn’t wait to get our hands on. Curved Corners for the perfect fit! Were they for real?  Our mattress protector had been giving us the sh*ts since we got our van so we could not wait to try it out for ourselves.  We had the one with the elastic corners, which they offer to purchase, although we had our eyes on the mattress protector with the skirt…it looked and felt amazing.

Narelle was lovely, she spoke to us about our van, asked us loads of questions to ensure we had the right cover.  Lucky for us, as we were ready to get a Queen but needed a King! Our bed in our caravan has an extender at the end, with the extra piece of mattress at the head.  Our bed is always made up, so this turns it into a bed that required a King size protector.  Perfect packaging, reusable bag with a handle plus a note of thanks from Narelle, a little personal touch from a family run business that we always love.

Just Perfect…even Kate loves it!

Out of the package, we knew this was a quality product. The stitching and fabric of the quilted top and the skirt were  top knotch and we were both shocked when it went on the bed and YES…it fit perfectly! The skirt was a generous size and wrapped around our mattress with lots of stretch and extra length to be tucked underneath.  This cover is not going anywhere…hahaha…It was everything that was promised and we enjoyed a more comfortable sleep and can’t wait to get our sheet sets. All the products from Exclusive Caravan Bedding have the magic curved corners at one end…very very cool.

TESTED & LOVED by our family.

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