Late last year we discovered our first 4 bunk’d caravan in the flesh! Surprisingly, we had not come across one for many many years. We knew they existed, but had not seen one in real life.  We have lots of friends with more than three children and were super excited to let them all know their options.

Caravans with bunk beds have been around for a very long time.

First, we saw the double bunk:

Then we saw the Triple bunk:

We even saw 4 bunks back in the 70’s – check out this photo from a 1978 Millard Pop Top!!

So, what is available today? We spoke to many manufacturers at the recent CIA Vic Supershow in Melbourne and many of them will custom build you a 4 bunk beauty… YAY… PLUS….there are some that will custom build you one with 6 BUNKS!! WOAH…

We scooted around the show and tried to find as many 4 bunk bed caravans as we could.  We only found four! Do you know of any others?

Royal Flair Caravans: This was the beauty we spotted last year, so we made sure we went back to check it out.  This L shape design fit in 4 bunks, DVD players PLUS a full bathroom!! You would need to factor in the different length of the 4 beds, the two on the wall were full length and the ones of the back walls were shorter. Do you think your kids would kick each other?

Royal Flair

Royal Flair

Paramount/Canterbury Caravans: When we recently posted a photo of the Royal Flair 4 bunk, we had a few families message us and pointed us in this direction. Another L-shape set up with a bathroom…loving the luxury, but once again you would need to check the length of the beds.  *Wayne is 6ft 4in…I had such a great time making him lie down on all the bunks.

Paramount/Canterbury Caravans

Next stop was Leader Caravans: We loved this set up, it reminded us both of caravans we had seen in the good ole’ days. Surprisingly very roomy with 6ft beds and we were told that they make their own chassis, so they can add length for your long and lanky teens! Light & Bright, with a full bathroom too…

Leader/Supreme Caravans

Last stop was the Jayco Basestation: You may have seen this design before, a large full back opening that you can load up all your bikes, scooters, gear…PLUS…sleep 4 people. Full size beds, loads of room.

Jayco Basestation

Jayco Basestation

If your ‘extra’ kids are too young to kick outside into a swag or tent, then one of these beauties could be exactly what you need.  All of these manufacturers were wonderful to chat to and super helpful…if you have more than 4 kids, well worth asking the question on what they can create!!

Happy & Safe travels xx

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