[ Fuel Theft ] Yup…we discovered that this is a thing! Has it ever happened to you?

During our epic trip home from the Big Red Bash, we pulled up at a Free Camp just outside Eulo in Outback Qld, it was already dark and no other rigs were there…we decided to push on to the next one which had great reviews and were happy to see six or so other rigs.

We’d driven from Birdsville so it was straight to bed for us. We stayed hitched up ready for an early morning start. Wayne got up and discovered our fuel door open and our cap hanging out!

At some point between 8pm & 7am some bugger had siphoned the diesel out of our car tank! (Yes, the car was locked & they jimmied the cap)

Lucky for us, they left the full Jerry we had on the back and we got to Cunnamulla to fill up…

Definitely a first for us & a bit creepy! Is this where we are heading as Fuel prices rise? We hope not…

Has this ever happened to you??

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