It is overwhelming how many families we speak to that have trouble getting their boys to do homework or practice their reading and writing…So we are overjoyed to get some wonderful feedback from Mum’s & Dad’s who have enjoyed seeing their son’s treasure their Travel Journals…


FIVE special messages:

1.  “Our 8 year old son refuses to practice his writing or do homework, but he can’t wait to fill in his Travel Journal”
2.  “Thank you! We just had the greatest holiday and Alex (6yrs) had his Travel Journal out after dinner every night filling it in. We wish it was like this at home…”
3.  “Amazing, our boy refuses to read or write but after 2 weeks on the coast, he is now reading his Travel Journal before bed and sleeps with it under his pillow so he won’t forget to take it to show ‘n’ tell…”
4.  “The dotted thirds are perfect for my 7 year old, he is so proud of his Travel Journal…”
5.  “My son received one of your Travel Journals as a gift.  My husband and I laughed as we knew this would end up in the bin.  Matty (9yrs) hates writing! You can imagine our shock when we were getting ready for our holiday and he pulls out his Travel Journal and starts ticking off the packing checklist! He proudly completed his journal, he collected postcards, took photos and carefully wrote about his days. THANK YOU.  We highly recommend your Travel Journal…”
THANK YOU everyone….
You can pick up your Travel Journal here: Perfect for all ages…the dotted thirds are helpful for the younger ones learning…and the older kids and grown ups can write on every line. Room for postcards, photos, ticket stubs, drawings down the bottom…
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