When we speak to people about camper trailers, a name that always pops up is Mars Campers.  Many comment about their great layouts and affordability. Over the years, despite being full caravan owners, we love checking out the campers on the market. Some of them are fantastic and offer families a lighter tow and the ability to get totally off the grid. Mars Campers have developed their product for over 10 years and are proudly 100% Australian owned & operated, building their tough camper trailers in Australia using locally sourced and imported components. If you are visiting one of the Caravan shows, keep an eye out for Celso, one of the nicest sales guys we have ever met – and say G’day from us!

We asked a few families WHY they chose Mars Campers:

Say a big hello to Brett, Tammy, Connor & Arwen  – they love getting away in the bush, technology free and allowing the kids freedom to explore.

Camper model & Towing vehicle:  We have a Mars Soft floor camper trailer (basic model – can’t remember the actual model name, I think it may have been the Ranger). – Equivalent to the Surveyor now. – We have a Nissan Patrol Ti, 2009 model, with draws in the back to store our two car fridges.

How long have you had your Mars Camper? Why did you choose Mars Campers?  We purchased our camper new in October 2013, we chose the Mars as it was our first camper and didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money and it had all we wanted as a basic starting point for our camping journey with then our young kids. Brett’s a bit of a handy man and he’s added all the things we need himself.

Did you purchase from a Dealer? YES  – We purchased online through Mars and picked up from their yard in Springvale, Melbourne VIC

What are the TOP 3 features that you LOVE about your Camper?
The second annex is great, we normally just put up the roof and rarely set up all the walls. Maybe just the side over the sink area and sometimes the back wall, but usually keep it open

Plenty of room for the family in the main tent and as the kids get older we have two extra rooms (that came with the camper) so they can have their own area.

Able to fit a lot in the trailer and we store all the tent poles for the main tent and annex on the bed along with the kids camper stretchers, and bedding for the whole family so everything is there ready for quick set up, no need to open the camper to have our beds set up.

Where is your favourite place that you have visited with your camper?
There is a great little spot close to home called Wombat Crossing, a lovely swimming spot and easy to get to for a quick getaway. We head into the high country when we can and spent days in Mallacoota over new years.

In saying that we are about to head off on a four week trip to Uluru, I am sure we will find a new favourite spot during a first big travelling adventure.

How often do you take your camper out?  Over summer we try and get away every second weekend, during the colder months not so often.

My husband has made many modifications to the trailer, to name a few – He has wired lighting under the trailer “lid’ so if we arrive somewhere late we have lights to find things in the trailer – Installed 110AH battery, smart charger and inverter – Wired caravan plug for use at parks – Changed the holders for gas/fuel/water so they are the same on each side, eg both gas bottles are stored on the passenger side – 240 & 12v plugs at rear of camper to plug in lighting for under the annex – Wired in a switch to turn the water pump on and off from the outside of the camper – Put storm water pipes behind the storage box to store the extra poles!

Next up we have Brendan, Jess and little Jaxon from “Australia through the eyes of a child” who are having a wow of a time in their Mars Camper!

Jess introduced camping to Brendan about 9 years ago and he fell in love with the remoteness and switching off from the outside world. Brendan and Jess have been to Cape York in a swag but when Jaxon came along they started saving for a camper trailer as being in a tent and a little one was not as enjoyable.

Camper model & Towing vehicle: We have a 2017 Mars Spirit 2 Pac camper towed by a 2016 Nissan NP 300 Navara

How long have you had your Mars Camper? Why did you choose Mars Campers? We have only had the camper since December 2017 but chose Mars due to their customer service. We spent weekend after weekend going to all the different brand show rooms but Mars Brisbane were exceptional.

Did you have it built? No, we bought it second hand.

Did you purchase from a Dealer? YES

What are the TOP 3 features that you LOVE about your Camper? The kitchen Space, the offroad aspect to the
camper and the two beds.

Where is your favourite place that you have visited with your camper? We are about to travel out to Birdsville and Cameron’s corner so we are hoping this will become our favourite place we have visited! But without a doubt Gordon Country is our favourite so far. ( keep an eye on our facebook page for reviews of the places we go to)

How often do you take your camper out? At Least one weekend a month, we didn’t purchase it to sit in our backyard

Say G’day to Stacey & Wayne, they hail from a small country town in Victoria, called Donald. In 2019 they are planning a 15 month road trip around Australia – Love Your Travels

We asked Stacey why they love camping:   “Our love for camping started when we purchased our first little caravan; it came in handy for us when we relocated back to Victoria from Western Australia in 2016. From there, we started our camping adventures, near and far, with tenting under the picturesque Uluru sunsets and camping nearby at our surrounding lakes. We felt happy and stress free when camping, which is so important in today’s busy world. We undeniably knew camping and the “reset button” it offered was something we needed more of in our lives”

Camper model & Towing vehicle:  We have a 2017 Mars Galileo Rear Fold Camper Trailer and our towing vehicle is our brand new 2018 Isuzu MUX that we picked up in August this year! We can’t wait to take these two full-time across Australia come March.

How long have you had your Mars Camper?  Our campers (x2) were purchased in August 2017. Sure your thinking, why two? Isn’t one enough! Our intentions with our purchase was to help others have a more pleasant and memorable camping experience that we found so much joy in. We hire both our campers out and whilst it makes us money, it’s the joy and positive feedback that we get from our hirers that gives us delight and also inspires them to not only hire again, but to look at making their own camper purchase. For us it’s all about empowerment and life experiences. We know how much we get out of a camping experience, and making that first step to experience it easier for others, gives us a real buzz.

Did you have it built?  No they were factory standard

Did you purchase from a Dealer? YES – We purchased our Camper Trailers from Pattos RV in Geelong. This was off the recommendation from Wayne’s brother who works for Pattos. Our experience with them was professional and found all the staff to be knowledgable and experienced. We do recommend them for anyone looking to purchase a camper trailer in the future.

What are the TOP 3 features that you LOVE about your Camper?

1. How quick and easy it is to set up! We generally don’t need the annexe or walls when camping. For us its a very abasic set up, it takes us about three minutes. Done in no time.

2. The remote controlled light, it’s awesome! Lying in bed, flick the switch and lights are out, literally!

3. The towing ability, it tows fantastically well, we smashed out a 10,000km road trip as soon as we purchased with no problems!

Where is your favourite place that you have visited with your camper?  A tough one to answer, but hands down our month-long trip to the Kimberley’s in September 2017 has to be it! We took the camper away brand new and we had so many highlights from the trip! River crossings, hiking new destinations, incredible landscapes, a one of kind race meeting at Derby! It was all memorable!

How often do you take your camper out?  As often as we can, well weather permitting! We are not a fan of the cold weather, but with the warmer weather approaching bring on weekends by the lake & river! All we can say is bring on next year, its going to a ripper!

You can follow Stacey & Wayne over at Love Your Travels on Facebook & website.

HUGE THANKS to the families who shared the reasons why they LOVE their Mars Camper!

Check out more here:  www.marscampers.com.au

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