Ever thought of looking for a new way to earn some extra income, cut back on the 9-5, or start your own business? 

As more women look to take charge of how they earn their own money or run their own businesses, one of Australia’s leading van-sharing platforms Camplify, offers a unique opportunity for women to run their own business, whether that be a full-time venture or as a successful side hustle in the form of van hire. 

This International Women’s Day (8 March), Camplify invites you to meet some of the incredible women who have become their own boss by renting their van or van-fleet and thereby enabling others to have the opportunity of vanlife travel.

Angela Edwards and Jayne Bayles

Angela and Jayne have been best friends for 30 years and decided to become business partners when they started their side hustle, Pepperberry, in 2021. The pair have always had a passion for travel and road tripping and decided that joining Camplify would introduce them to a greater reach of hirers as well as a supportive and inclusive community. 

As business partners and great friends, Angela and Jayne were prepared to give any opportunity a go and would encourage anyone to take a step outside of their comfort zone, whether that be owning and hiring out a van, or even road tripping for the first time. They believe van life offers affordable, independent and flexible travel experiences that should be fun!

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Michelle Shiach-Wise

Michelle, a paramedic based on the Central Coast, bought Frankie the Retro RV as a passion project with her husband and has injected it with love and family values, with their children also helping out where they can. Due to her nature of work, Michelle’s motto is ‘eyes wide open’, as she wants to encourage people to explore as much as they can and see everything there is to see. She says that knowing only too well how your life can change in a heartbeat means that you should grab life with two hands and make the most of it. 

Integrating Frankie as an extension of their family, Frankie is associated with good times and unique experiences with Michelle believing that road tripping should be a ‘must do’ for everyone so they can enjoy what is out there, and have some fun making vanlife memories.

Check out Frankie the Retro RV on Camplify

Kate Kerr

Kate has taken inspiration and experience from her demanding work in the construction and development industry to renovate two caravans. Adding Sunshine Cisco to her portfolio, joining Mazzy, Kate wanted to provide hirers with more vanlife options. While Mazzy is perfect for family travel, with the hassle removed as families can arrive with Kate’s caravans set up, which allows everyone to enjoy themselves straight away, and Sunshine offers a tow yourself option so couples have the freedom to move around as they desire.  

After exceeding their van-hire income predictions in the first 12 months, Kate and her family are looking to build out their fleet with a motorhome or a challenging 21 seat coaster. As a believer of dreaming big, acknowledging there’s no limit to what you can achieve, Kate’s ambitions grow as her hard work ethic pushes her to offer the love of travel to others.

Check out Sunshine Cisco and Mazzy on Camplify

Donna Taylor

Donna travelled solo around Australia in her first van Betsy for two years before she moved to Denliquin and decided to upgrade. She then bought Nellie the van, which she lived and worked in for six months during the onset of COVID. Donna first listed Betsy on Camplify in October 2020 and – having been made redundant in December 2020 – she decided to list Nellie too and start her own van-share business utilising the Camplify platform. 

From then, Donna reinvests the income she earns on Camplify into her fleet with dreams of growing her business, not just by adding more vans but also staff. Despite having had an amazing corporate career, Donna decided the change of direction at 42yrs would be what makes her happy. Her passion for travel and discovering more about Australia each day is what made her want to share her vans with others and connect people with the country, while opening their minds to the vastness of the nation. 

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About Camplify

Over the last few years, Camplify has become the largest platform for renting motorhomes, campervans and caravans in Australia, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom, with more than 7,000 vans worldwide and growing. They connect owners with local and international tourists all of whom are verified to maximize the safety when you hire out your camper van or motorhome. 

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