Spilt wine, cider or sparking is a blooming disaster! Well, it is for some of my friends…and maybe me too 🙂

I have lost count of the amount of times I have been at a BBQ, outdoors or caravanning and my wine glass has been tipped over…by the uneven ground next to my camping chair, by the kids…or worse still, by the husband!

A miracle happened not too long ago when a couple of Aussie guys from NSW designed and developed the WINEREST.  A nifty, light weight attachment that can be secured to outdoor furniture or camping chairs to hold your wine glass! Yup…we had hit gold.  Even when we are roughing it, I still like to drink my champers in a stemmed glass.

Here are a few things that we LOVE about the Winerest:

  • Lightweight & compact – fits easily in the side pocket of your camping chair, your esky, jacket pocket…
  • Double sided Velcro – this means it can be attached to either arm of the chair, for left or right handers…or double drinkers J
  • Great for all occasions – we use ours when we are away… and also pack one when we go to BBQ’s & family functions, just incase we are ever sitting around a fire pit or garden and there is no table handy.

And one last thing…it fits on the ironing board….bahahahaha!

wine rest ironing

We are a very proud stockist of this awesome, high quality product. Designed here is Australia which is fantastic and they make unique gifts for your wine-o friends.

Available in Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink & Aqua – Click here to purchase yours today…ENJOY


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