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Those people that know me, they will tell you I am a bit of a movie buff.  I studied Media (Film Studies) at uni and ever since then I have been addicted.  From big blockbusters to art house flicks to animated gems, I love them all.  So, when I went to Movie World 15 years ago, I was in my element! I had ball all those years back as I wondered around with my sisters, taking in the atmosphere and immersing myself in the magic.  We were all grown up but were transported back in time…. I had nothing but good memories as we planned our own family’s adventure to the very same location!

Movie world Caravanning with kids

I had so many questions! Would the Police Academy Show still be there? Was it suitable for my younger kids? (Some of the feedback we had from our Caravanning with Kids community was that there was not much to do there for littlies).  Before we start, let’s just say that our girls, who were 4 & 7 at the time, could have gone back every day of our holiday – there was nothing to be worried about! Movie World is for absolutely for kids big and small!

Fast-forward 15 years and I was back, this time with my own little family and some very big expectations!

Another gorgeous day on the Gold Coast and only a quick drive up the road from our digs over at Treasure Island Holiday Resort we arrived to Movie World.  We had learnt a lot from our day at Sea World and were once again super organised to get the most out of our one-day.  Picnic lunch and snacks were packed and there was plenty of water in our backpacks.  We were all giddy with excitement.

Getting there early is the key for any jam-packed day of adventure. Our young girls are full of beans and an early start means we get to see everything before the high heat of the day and have time later to chillax and revisit sites that we loved earlier in the day.  Movie world opens at 9.30am and we were at the front of the small queue. Let’s do this!

As soon as you enter Movie World, the electric atmosphere hits you instantly and we all could not wipe the smiles from our faces.  The colour, the music, the activity… all making our girls eyes pop out of their heads.  We headed down the Main Street and Wayne and I were transported back to when we were there years ago, watching on as our girls experienced it all for the first time. Pure magic!

p1150291We poured over the detailed map and worked out our plan.  First stop:  The Hollywood Stunt Driver II show.  For those of you that ventured to Movie World in the good old days, you would remember this as the Police Academy Show. “What’s Police Academy mum?” “You can watch those movies one day sweetie” we replied. The kids not having seen the flicks didn’t matter at all and we all enjoyed a fast paced, humorous show that started with hilarious audience participation with ‘Dance Cam’! We all danced and laughed our heads off – such a moment of pure fun!  The show was filled with talented stunt drivers, funny storyline and it was LOUD.  Vrrrrrrooom, vrooom!  Wayne loved it! Heck, we all did!


p1150277Now that Dad was happy, we quickly raced off to the Warner Brothers Fun Zone.  We were there on a day that was not too busy, so the queues were small and we were able to jump on and off rides quickly.  Kate was 4, and the absolute joy we saw in her eyes as she experienced her first real rides was heart warming.  We were all able to go on the Road Runner Rollercoaster which was great for the family.  Instead of watching the girls on the kids’ rides, we were able to jump on to.  It was a bit squishy for my backside and Wayne’s long legs, but we all squealed with delight up and down. Such a treat and such fun to share these moments with the kids.








The Main Street was a buzz the entire day with mini shows, characters would pop out of nowhere and being singing or acting out scenes from movies.  Kate and I could have sat on a chair in the main street all day just to watch the entertainment go by.  Our favourites were Austin Powers dancing, Batman & Marilyn Monroe singing, there’s definitely no shortage of entertainment.

We could bang on about how fantastic our day was at Movie World and this review would take you hours to read, so we will break down some of the highlights for you below….

Wild West Falls Ride:  Opened in 1998 in conjunction with the popular movie, this was my favourite ride when I went…and guess what? It was my favourite once again.  Just like the old Viking Ride at Sea World, the classics are still the best. We all got wet after the 20-metre drop at the end and we all had to line up to go on again and again. Cue the screams and maybe being a towel haha!

Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster: A favourite on opening and still just as good. This ride goes up to 44kmph! Kate was too little to go on this one and Ashlee was a little scared but she wanted to ride it because I had told her all about it.  I remember being scared in my 20’s and she is 8…um…eeeeek…scary? Yes! Bloody fantastic? Yes! Once Ashlee got over the terror and the unexpected ups and downs, she was hooked.  Wayne and I took it in turns taking her back on.

Looney Tunes 4D movie: I loved that the girls’ favourite parts of the day were ours when we were there all those years ago. This was loud, rocky, jolty and we loved every second. A must see for the whole family!

3.30pm All Star Parade:  What a way to end our day! An all-star parade of all our favourite characters from both movies and cartoons.  Loads of ooooohs and aaahhhhs as our girls came up close and personal with handshakes and high 5’s – there’s heaps of interaction! Loud music, dancing, clapping and laughing followed by a bubble machine filling the parade and Main Street with thousands of bubbles… WOW, what an experience. Again, this is a must do!

p1150368 p1150360 p1150358 p1150352 p1150349 p1150346 p1150338 p1150375

Our day was jam-packed filled with wonder and excitement.  We were all exhausted when we jumped in the car to head back to camp but we still couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces! Movie World for our little family was a huge success, timeless fun and so much to do, explore, ride and enjoy. Two thumbs up from Caravanning with Kids!

Tips for enjoying your time at Warner Brothers Movie World:

  • Get there early
  • Study the map to see times of shows, so you can fit them all into your day
  • Take some snacks/picnic lunch – there were lots of types of foods on offer around the theme park, although you will need to budget this in, as some items were not cheap. We all enjoyed a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Delish!
  • If it is a busy day with lots of people, friends recommended getting a Fast Track pass so you can jump the queue J
  • Stay for the 3.30pm All Star parade – it was well worth it!


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