Dessert…we very rarely have dessert at home, but when we are out for special occasions or on holidays an ice-cream is usually on the cards for after dinner.  On our last trip I made up a big batch of ‘Balls’, a favourite of everyone in our family and I hid them in the bottom of the fridge.  I then pulled out a couple on the first night and our girls faces lit up like a Christmas tree! I would never have expected such a small idea would bring such joy.

There is a trick to making the perfect ‘Ball’ and I always get asked as most people LOVE my ‘Ball’s’ *giggle.  There are many ball recipes out there, but this is my families one…So for the first time…EVER…here is my simple recipe: (…please don’t tell my Mum!)

2 pks of Marie Biscuits

1 x tin of sweetened condensed milk

200g butter

3 table spoons of cocoa

Desiccated coconut

  1. Smash/Process/Crush the marie biscuits and stir through cocoa (Tip: sift the cocoa)
  2. Melt the butter in a saucepan then add the condensed milk (Tip: stir in the condensed milk and keep stirring until all the butter and milk are mixed and smooth…this can take a bit of time, but is well worth it and makes all the difference)
  3. Add the melted mix to the biscuit mix and combine. (Tip: dig in with your hands and the kids hands too…)
  4. Pinch out mix the size that you would like…from a bouncy ball to a golf ball…roll into a ball and then pop into a bowl with a cup or so of coconut (Tip: repeat till you get approx 8 balls in the bowl, then roll them around to cover them…no mess…YAY)
  5. Place on a large plate and refrigerate for a few hours.
  6. ENJOY…

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