Over time, our Travel Journals & Log Books evolved and changed in design, but once they were perfected we went to print and then it was time to let Australia know about our treasured creations and how this journey changed our lives. (check out the evolution of our Travel Journals here! )

Early in 2015, before we went to print, we met the team from Caravanning Australia Magazine at a Caravan show in Melbourne.  They were lovely, and we walked away chuckling to ourselves about how ‘bloody fantastic’ it would be to one day have our Travel Journals in such a wonderful magazine.

Fast forward to today! Our copy of the winter edition of Caravanning Australia arrived and there we are…what a feature! After years of hard work, it brought tears to our eyes and Ashlee (7) squealed with joy “Oh Mum, I’m FAMOUS”…hahahaha…”Not quite sweety”.

Massive thanks to Cedric and the team at Caravanning Australia Magazine, who embraced our concept, supported our ideas and LOVED our Travel Journals as much as we do.

Pick up the Winter 2015 Edition from your local newsagent or pick up an online subscription from here –  SUBSCRIBE TO CARAVANNING AUSTRALIA MAGAZINE

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