Sand Pal | Sand Castle Builders Kit

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Nine high-quality tools are just the right amount of equipment to build even the largest and complex structure. . . no extraneous pieces getting lost on the way. . . The kit comes with a chic and sturdy mesh carrying case for easy transportation to the beach and easy cleaning and storage. Check out the Youtube Clip here or in the FULL description!

Kit Includes:

– 3 Brick makers: Block | Cube | Cylinder
– 4 Ending molds: Dome | Rook | Pyramid | Triangle Roof
– Ergonomic multi use shovel
– Fashionable mesh shoulder bag

Eco friendly Package: 20 * 20 * 15
Total weight: 600 grams Part
Material: pp5 – phthalates, latex BPA FREE

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I love building sand castles.  Oops, I mean, the kids LOVE building sand castles!

When we discovered Sand Pal Sand Castle Builders Kits we could not believe our eyes! A compact bag of tools to make the ultimate sand castle!

Let the games begin…

HOW TO USE SAND PAL | Sand Castle Builders Kit:

1. Fill your Sand Pal with damp sand and pack tightly.
2. Scrape off access sand and push handles down with both thumbs.

Building TIPS:

1. Choose to work on a flat surface, you can use your multi-purpose shovel to level the ground.
2. Use damp or slightly wet sand clean of rubble and sea shells.
Too wet = heavy
Too dry = falls apart
3. Tightly pack your mold with sand.
* The tighter you pack it the stronger it would be.
4. Scrape excess sand off.
* The tighter you pack it the stronger it would be.
5. Situate and eject with both thumbs pushing ejecting handles down.
6. Repeat and enjoy 🙂


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