Trippin’ with Kids – By Pete & Bridget Helliar

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When we first heard Peter Helliar talk about his new book, Trippin’ with Kids, that he wrote with his wife, we just knew we needed to have it in our shop.  Pete and Bridget Helliar have spent years travelling around Australia and overseas with their three boys and they want to encourage parents with young children to travel too.

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chool drop-offs and hastily made Book Week costumes shouldn’t be the only epic adventures you tackle with your kids.

Right now. Trippin’ with Kids is your (totally legal and not-at-all hallucinogenic) entry to the happy rainbow of travel experiences parents can enjoy with their kids from babies to the teens.

Packed with Pete and Brij’s tips and tricks for how to plan organise and execute a great family holiday whether its a weekend camping trip or a month-long trip to Europe (we can always dream during COVID)

There are also detailed destination guides to some of their favourite holiday destinations including Europe the USA Bali and yes South Australia.

Learn some fool-proof packing methods ways to keep costs down and general tips on how to maintain both your sanity and sense of humour and find all of the best kid-friendly attractions without resorting to a pricey play centre.

This book will help you discover (and rediscover) places around Australia and the world just like you did before you had kids.

320 pages – Paperback


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