Did you know that Royal Flair Caravans have over 70 years experience in the Caravan Industry! WOAH!

Established by the Deralas family back in 1975,  caravans and off road adventure runs through the veins of everyone on the team.  We have been lucky enough to get to know Bill & Angie who both ooze passion for the brand their family has created.

Royal Flair Caravans continue to produce exceptional quality caravans for the whole family.  From young adrenilin junkies to Grey Nomads…from Gen Now explorers to Family adventurers – the Royal Flair range is impressive!

Grab a cuppa and check out WHY these families chose Royal Flair!


“Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone. Risk Finding Adventure”. This is our motto! We are a family of 4; Matt, Ally, Mase & Jake, setting off on an Odyssey of Oz!!

Caravan model & Towing vehicle :  Royal Flair Raptor 2018 model – 17.6foot – 2016 Toyota Hilux turbo diesel with gvm/gcm upgrade.

How long have you had your Royal Flair Caravan?  Since October 2018

Did you have it built?  Yes! We had it custom built with Bill from Royal Flair. We were very particular with build quality and materials used. The Royal Flair team have been very accommodating with design and modifications. Very personal and pleasant build process.

Did you purchase from a Dealer? Yes, through Ballarat City Caravans 

What are the TOP 3 features that you LOVE about your Royal Flair?

  1. It’s ability to carry all the toys! We can take our quad on the back tray and our tinny on the roof of the caravan! One of a kind!

2. The quality and versatility of the caravan, rear tray can be lifted shortening its overall length.

3. It’s off road prowess! Haven’t tested it fully yet but ticks all the boxes with ground clearance, weight distribution, balance and strength…

Where is your favourite place that you have visited with your Royal Flair?  We have only been away with it once to Lake Mulwala, NSW.

How often do you take your Royal Flair caravan out?  We will be in it full time as of Jan 2019; traveling around Australia for a year!  You can follow our adventures via our Facebook Page – SHOTGUN ODYSSEY

We discovered Fiona and her Royal Flair Caravan over on Instagram and LOVE her set up! A custom built Royal Flair Caravan for her ‘Wandering Osteo” business – Say G’day to Fiona, Wade and their two daughters…

Caravan model & Towing vehicle – Royal Flair – Family Flair and Ford Ranger

How long have you had your Royal Flair Caravan?  Purchased at the caravan show in March 2018 and picked up in August.

Did you have it built? YES!

Well we were looking to create something very unique.  We wanted to find a company that could build a caravan around my Osteo treatment table.  Many said they wouldn’t custom build and others would require me to add further modifications after it was built that would compromise patient comfort and professionalism.

We stumbled across Royal Flair accidentally and was initially their desk that lured as over to have a look.   By this stage of the caravan show we were not hopeful that anyone was going to be able to help us.  But then we met the owner and designer, Bill. Steve from Ballarat City Caravans said Bill was innovative and he wasn’t lying! Within 10 minutes Bill had put together  3 different models together to create our ultimate van that was more than just a home, it was also a business.

We were so grateful that Bill and the team were able work with us to create a van that will allow our family to live the lifestyle we want to.

Did you purchase from a Dealer? YES –  The Team at Ballarat City Caravans were fantastic! So friendly, helpful and patient. What we really appreciated was their patience while we were having a hard time gaining finance for the van.   They stuck with us whilst we made a few changes to ensure it’s functionability for work and to ensure it fit our budget.

They have also been great helping us with pieces of advice in the first few months as beginners.

What are the TOP 3 features that you LOVE about your Royal Flair?

#1 has to be the bed! It’s ability to allow me to work underneath it.  Also not having to make the bed everyday as no one can see it 😉  There is still a fantastic space underneath the bed when the treatment table is packed away.  Perfect for the kids to play lego on rainy days or for a great stretch on the yoga mat.

{Check out this ripper video we found on Fiona’s Facebook page}

Here it is! 👏Please come in & take a look inside….🤗A massive thanks to Royal Flair Caravans for designing our home & business that we can’t take wherever YOU want me 😉🤗🙌

Posted by Fiona Hooper – Osteopath on Sunday, 11 November 2018

#2 I actually love the bathroom and shower.  The fittings an fixtures really create that at home feel and it functions well for our tall family.  I feel like we have plenty of room in the shower and the pressure and temperature is spot on.

#3 I totally love the exterior.  It’s a real head turner and could stare at it all day 😉

Where is your favourite place that you have visited with your Royal Flair?  We haven’t even touched the surface and truly set of on our adventure yet.  That’s planned for 2019!  Our favourite place (well my pro golfer husband’s) so far was staying at Bordertown Golf Club thanks to Wiki Camps. A good 10km out the back of the town but we discovered this untapped golfing oasis and we got to pull the van right up next to the clubhouse and had the whole course to ourselves, with the full moon out he even had the chance to practice at night while the kids were asleep, priceless.

How often do you take your Royal Flair caravan out? We live in it! We don’t even have a home as a base so we are in it 24/7.  We love it and wouldn’t go back!

We are so excited to share our love and passion in health and wellness and would love to meet you all on the road somewhere, one day!

Facebook – fionahooperosteo – Insta – @fionahooper_osteo – www.fionahooper.com.au – www.wadehoopergolf.com 

Next up – we had a chat to Mitch about his Royal Flair Caravan:

We are a family of 3 – my wife Renee, 3 yr old son Tyson and myself. We bought our Royal flair family flair  second hand with the intention of setting up for the big lap but are yet to take the plunge into full time caravanning.  For now, we enjoy small trips away within a few hours drive from our home base in Ulladulla…

Caravan model & Towing vehicle :  Our caravan is a 2016 Royal Flair Family Flair – Tow vehicle is a 2009 200 series Landcruiser.

How long have you had your Royal Flair Caravan?  We have owned the van for 12 months.

Did you have it built or purchase from a Dealer?  We did a private sale and are the second owners – It was in ‘as new’ condition when purchased for the original owners.

What are the TOP 3 features that you LOVE about your Royal Flair?

  1.  My favorite feature would definitely be the out door BBQ.

2.  Renee’s favorite features are the separate toilet and shower and the abundance of storage the van has..

3.  Tyson’s favorite things are the flip down DVD players in the bunks and he loves to pull the petition across so he has his own area..

Where is your favourite place that you have visited with your Royal Flair?  Favorite place so far would be Dalmeny Headland Caravan Park.

How often do you take your Royal Flair caravan out?  We aim to get away at least once a month in our van and in 2019 we have some bigger trips planned. And it may even be the year we set of for the trip with no end date…

HUGE THANKS to the families who shared the reasons why they LOVE their ROYAL FLAIR CARAVAN!

Check out more here:  www.royalflair.com.au

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