Please do not skip the North West of Tasmania, if you do, you will miss THE NUT,  The Tarkine Drive and the gorgeous town of Stanley – a highlight of our Tour of Tassie adventure!

The Stanley Cabin and Tourist Park is the only place to pull up in Stanley and get power and awesome facilities.  Sure, you can stay in a free camp spot around the corner, or go and stay the night at a B&B,  but seriously, it would not be better than this.

Only a 3-minute drive from “The Nut” or a casual 30+ minute walk to get to the chairlift, this park boasts everything a traveller could ask for.  A hop, skip and jump from the beach you have amazing views from every spot – look one way and see the incredible rock that is The Nut, look the other and see the raw coastline.

As we checked out all the park had to offer – we were impressed with the following:

  • The laundry is huge with 5 machines in it a couple of dryers, and a lovely large bench to fold everything up.
  • Next to the laundry is a couple of nice large BBQ’s which are right in front of the camp kitchen.
  • The camp kitchen is a nice size too. Hosting several tables, a couch, fridge, microwave and plenty of bench space. Very roomy in case you wanted some R@R time too. You could even hang out in there while you charge your phone and watch some TV.
  • This park has two toilet amenities, which are by far some of the cleanest showers I have ever seen.

One of the best things we saw in this park were the Bath Mats! Yes, sounds a tad odd, but it’s the little things sometimes that impress us the most! They offer you a bath mat to stand on once you had a shower.  Simply place the dirty one in the tub provided and bingo. You’re done. You even stand on large stainless-steel drains which are slightly raised from the floor. And the pressure. Yep. It beats any caravan pressure we have ever had that’s for sure!

The kids loved exploring the park on their scooters, paved roads made this super fun and speedy! Add a couple or new friends, too many walkie talkies and everyone had a blast.

A 2-minute walk from our van site and you are paddling your toes in the water.  The boundary fence is not a security fence, so you still need to be very careful of those people that aren’t from the park, as the park backs up to a walking trail that many people use. The kid’s playground is also shared with the public, so each time our girls wanted to go, we just made sure one of us went as well.  Wayne was not a very good supervisor as he was always too engrossed in the scenery.  We live in the country for goodness sake. Ocean? What’s that. The Murray river is as close to water as we get, when we go free camping for a weekend.  This north west tip was INCREDIBLE!

If you’re a keen fisherman, then on your return to the park is a small but effective fish cleaning bench. With two taps one to fill the sink and the other attached to a hose. If you use bench’s like these just remember to take your scaled fish with you and place it in a bin.

The kids loved the games room too. Although this did cost and it would only take minutes to churn through $20.  Our girls also loved playing table tennis.  The memories they take away from places like these will be with them for ever.

All in all, this park is everything you could hope for.  Easily accessible, clean, well maintained, and it has large sites. Although the park managers didn’t think we would fit on the only site they had left, but we racked it in. Our 24ft rig had ½ a foot to the plants at the rear and 3-4 feet to the road. So we romped it in.

The Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park is worth every cent! You will not be disappointed.

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