We were recently gifted a tea towel with The Caravanners Creed written on it and we LOVED it – although not too sure about the last paragraph about ‘grey hair’. What do you think? Can you relate?


As we travel down the highways with our caravan in tow,

We prayer to the almighty that the forecast rains wont show,

We ask that roads are solid, roos and wombats nowhere near,

And with some luck by afternoon we’re settled with a beer…

Our camping site is not five star, not four or even one,

But we don’t care for such fine things, as long as there is sun.

As long as there is kindling close for our BBQ to fire,

To us five star is not a room, but a lifestyle to desire…

To open air, the sun, the moon, the stars at night so bright,

The freedom that our travels bring, the worries all so light.

Except of course the dreaded curse of every travelling man,

When it’s time to park and rest the eyes-the backing of the van…

Now very vaner knows that at each and every stay,

A “backing expert” waits and stalks for his new prey.

Like a hunter in the wild he will watch in silent wait,

At the moment of reversing he’ll shout – “I’ll do it for you mate”.

It’s hard to describe to others, the life of  travelling in a van,

No clocks or phones or timetables, imagine if you can.

Just maps and charts to study for destinations new, 

And at each new place a drink is had a quiet one or two…

The friends we meet along the road all tend to be like us,

With greying hair and glasses, and a lifestyle lacking fuss.

Some say that we are nomads, with no place to call our  home,

But this is no offence to us, for it’s Australia that we roam…

*Allgifts Australia


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