We had driven past the signs for The Great Aussie Holiday Park many times before deciding to try it for a family weekend away.

We are always on the hunt for locations that are close enough from home for a short trip – for us this is what having the caravan is all about. Recognising the importance of family time is why we bought a van to begin with so we often find ourselves saying, “It doesn’t matter where we are, as long as we are together.” It’s this idea that sees us always looking for convenient nearby locations that allow us to get away but are still compatible with our real-life commitments during the week.

Located only 15 minutes from Albury, The Great Aussie Holiday Park is a perfect distance for us being just two hours travel time from home. As we headed there we were taken off the main highway and found ourselves wondering – Are we going to nowhere? Where are we destined? as we drove into what seemed the wilderness. However we quickly turned a corner, found the sign and there it was!

The Great Aussie Holiday Park has lots of trees, lots of dirt (the fun type!) and lots of happy families. We immediately saw a splash park, tennis courts and a pool – the kids were excited! Despite it being a busy check in time we were warmly greeted as we pulled into reception with lots of smiles and efficient service. There was also a decent sized ‘pantry’ (kiosk) stocked with all the essential items – a relief, as this park is located quite far from the nearest town.

The Great Aussie Holiday Park - Bowna NSW (6)

As we moved along the dirt track to our allocated site it was interesting to note that the sites were all mixed up, caravans next to cabins, cabins next to tents. Wayne and I agreed that we liked it – it meant for a relaxed feel and created a community of families and travellers not defined by their accommodation. Everyone was there to enjoy, unwind and play – what a great idea!

The Great Aussie Holiday Park is situated on the banks of Lake Hume and the views are stunning. The sunsets are to die for and truly took our breath away. Given it’s remote location but amazing scenery this is a park designed for relaxation – you arrive and have no reason to leave, a major plus for a family like mine on a short weekend away.

The Great Aussie Holiday Park - Bowna NSW (5)

The weekend we stayed at The Great Aussie Holiday Park fell on Halloween and the park owners delivered a great weekend of entertainment for the whole family. With two brilliant hours of organised games and craft for the children (which our two absolutely loved) the grown ups grabbed some rare kid-free time and read the paper, caught up and enjoyed a chance to be together. (Side note the clean and tidy kitchen boasts a coffee machine – $2 for a cappuccino! Yes please!)

Despite rain the park owners converted a big undercover room into a Halloween disco (we appreciated the sign on the door ‘Disco – Enjoy!’) and next to this was a movie theatre with a big screen, ample chairs and a free screening of Halloween movies and cartoons. The kids were in heaven!

The rain cleared in time for trick or treating and the whole park got into the spirit, dressing up and roaming the park giggling and collecting lollies. Our girls and their cousins had a ridiculous amount of fun and we really appreciated the exceptional efforts to organise a fun event by the park owners. Ten out of ten!

The next morning we enjoyed feeding the ducks, alpacas and seeing Grace the Park’s emu. We thoroughly appreciated The Great Aussie Holiday Park’s ‘bush’ environment and many trees…but most of all, we enjoyed being in the middle of nowhere, nature at our fingertips and so much for the kids and grown ups to do (or not to do… bliss!)

We’ll be returning to The Great Aussie Holiday Park again very soon.

*Our daughter returned to the Great Aussie Holiday Park for her Grade 4 school camp and RAVED about how much of a great time her and her school buddies had!! Click HERE to get some more information for your school.

*They are also a very proud stockist of our Aussie made products! If you don’t live around Bowna NSW to drop in – order online here.

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