We LOVE following Peached As! Ruthie & James are travelling Australia with their gorgeous daughters and definitely living in the NOW…with no budget, no bedtimes and no plan, it’s always refreshing to read their posts and jump into their adventures… Real Stories | Real Families…this is Peached As!

Hello, we are Peached As!

We started our big lap on the 1st of August ’18 from northern NSW.

This is a little bit about us!

I’m Ruthie! Im a 26 years old. I love making, baking and op shopping.

I’m the main photo taker and Instagram keeper for our family. Details are not my thing, but ice cream is!! 🍦

James, my ever patient husband is 30. He’s the drone boss (and he’s so good at it 😍) plus he does all the driving! Seriously, I think my butts been in the driver’s seat 5 times in 7 months! 😮

Our eldest daughter Indie is 6. She has big plans to be a marine biologist when she grows up. She dances like no one is watching and we love her for it. She is currently doing year 1 through NEPSODE although we’ve worked with her teacher to allow us to do our own style of home schooling and just learn the basics from distance ed. It suits us as we don’t feel mainstream schooling is right for our girl. We feel as long as our kids are hitting all the markers for their age, their fine. This is our second year being enrolled with NEPSODE, and find it perfect for us. They supply everything we need, and we post it back completed, but honestly life on the road is THE BEST education, and the teachers are so flexible with us and our way of doing it.

Our youngest daughter Velvet is 4. (Also know as Vel, Velvie, Velly, Smelly, and STOP IT!!!) She’s wants to clean fish tanks when she grows up….. we are so proud!! Velvie is our boundary pusher and main source of parental tears! But she’s so dang cute!!! She is a delight and is always the first one out the door making friends when we pull up at a new town.

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We had a beautiful productive stone fruit farm in the Clarence Valley. But, in 2017, it was against us. We had too much rain then no rain. A plague of fruit fly, followed by fruit bats. We had backpackers steal from us, had to sell one of our cars to get by and then on top of all that drama, stone fruit prices were at a record low and although we picked, packed and sold 20 ton of fruit, we didn’t make enough money to keep going. It was then we finally said “stuff it, let’s sell it all, buy a caravan and see Australia!” Within a matter of months we had sold everything and we’re on the road!

Travelling Australia has always been the goal. The ‘one day we’re going to do that’ thing.

Looking back we can’t figure out why we didn’t do it sooner?

There will never be a perfect time.

There is never a good time to leave everyone you love, your pets, your dream home, your awesome job, your old or sick family members or baby nephews and nieces, so why not do it right now?

We did not prepare for our trip like most  families do, rather we winged it (as with all preparations we have ever made).

We didn’t bother with check lists for packing and because of that we forgot so much stuff! We didn’t even pack steak knives! Seriously! But in saying that, we’d do it the same way all over again! Planning ahead is not our style!

We have no idea where we’re going until a day (or hour) before we get there and the thought of planning and booking in advance makes us cringe!!

Our kids don’t have a bedtime, they sleep when they are tired and sleep in until 7-8am everyday (unless we’re somewhere awesome and we get up for sunrise!)

We don’t have a budget, nor do we keep track of our money. We just do everything as cheap as possible and that’s that. We have a rough idea of what a week costs but we don’t bother checking. Some weeks you do a lot, some weeks you do nothing so it all evens out.

We didn’t have the make or break first month trials that you often hear about. That’s probably because we are used to being in each other’s faces!

We have always lived in tiny homes. The kids have always slept in the same room as us so we’re happy in the caravan, their beds are further away now then ever before!!  #honeymoon

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Living in a caravan has it’s moments of “this sucks” but they are only moments. Going into this lifestyle, we had no expectations on the trip or each other, and that is what has helped this be such a honest and enjoyable journey so far.

In over half a year on the road, I have only wanted to go home once. It was 2am, freezing cold, pouring rain, and Indie had just vomited… in her sisters bed…… 😑

But here we are, 2 vomit bugs and 7 months later, and still loving it!

If you see us on the road, we’d love to meet ya!

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