We’ve always used Thetford products in our van for our loo – Why? Put simply – they actually work. Travelling safely and providing a hygienic environment for our family is super important – more now than ever – so we asked Thetford to give us a run down on their latest products for the dunny…


Hygiene has become ever more important in today’s uncertain times,
With caravan parks and campsites re-opening but international borders still closed, travellers are looking to get away but they also want to be sure they will be safe and hygienic.

Thetford – the founder of the well-known Porta Potti portable toilet and a leading supplier of mobile sanitation systems, cooking appliances, absorption refrigerators, service doors and other products – has responded to this need, introducing a range of new RV products designed to make travellers feel safe knowing they will have their own hygienic space and won’t need to share bathroom facilities or a pre-used toilet from their recently purchased second-hand caravan.

A private toilet in a clean space
Whether travellers have a built-in cassette toilet or take a Porta Potti with them, they’d clearly prefer to use them in a clean space.

Thetford’s new RV-product range is specifically made to keep these sanitation products hygienically clean.

Significantly improved
To come up with a concentrated product, the chemical engineers at Thetford had to develop toilet liquids that give the same or even better results as the existing product but with a smaller dosage.

Thetford says this wasn’t as easy as it sounds and involved finding the right balance between various familiar ingredients and new ingredients that gave that little bit extra.

It says the new Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated offers better suppression of nasty smells and reduced gas build-up than the original Aqua Kem Blue while liquefying waste better for easier waste-tank emptying.

Powerful and ultra-concentrated
Both Aqua Kem Blue Concentrated and Aqua Kem Blue Lavender Concentrated are 2.5 times concentrated, meaning just 60mL of liquid is needed to treat a 20L waste-holding tank.

Aqua Kem Green Concentrated and Aqua Rinse Concentrated are two times concentrated compared to the original formulation. Both Aqua Kem Green Concentrated and Aqua Rinse Concentrated are septic-tank safe and environmentally conscious

Thetford says its new RV range makes dosing easier than with unit-dose products such as sachets or tabs, as well as giving consumers the ability to choose the amount of liquid they use. If they have a smaller Porta Potti, they can dose less. If they’re enjoying some tropical days, they simply dose a bit more. Or on a short trip of one or two days? They can adjust the dosage – it’s up to them.

Convenient small bottle for less weight
Thetford says new Aqua Kem Concentrated bottles are smaller and lighter but last just as long as the regular 2L bottles and offering just as many dosages. It says this not only benefits the consumer but the environment because it requires less packaging material.

For more information contact: Thetford Australia 03 9358 0700 email: infoaus@thetford.com.au

visit: thetford.com.au

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