Top 9 Caravan & Camping Facebook Groups to Join!

Thousands of new groups are created on Facebook every day around the world.  The choice is overwhelming and while some groups offer a bounty of information & resources, others are filled with negative crap that we just don’t need in our lives. Agree?  Facebook GROUPS are very different to Facebook Pages & Websites and offer people an opportunity to open up a conversation and discuss and share things freely – we love a good chat!

*Please note: this article is about Facebook Groups only – not Facebook pages, websites or other platforms – we can feel another article coming up about those – YAY – let us know which caravan & camping websites & pages you love! We often jump over to Let’s Go Caravanning & CampingHolidays with KidsGo Make Some MemoriesWhat’s Up Downunder and of course here! So many to choose from…

OK…back to GROUPS – We often get asked which are the BEST Caravan & Camping related groups to join, so our team all got together to discuss, along with a bunch of caravanning families and there were a few Facebook groups that kept popping up in conversation!

*note  – most of our team LOVE Facebook (yup…there are two that don’t care, follow, post or get involved in personal Facebook! How do they survive! Hahaha), however many of us just don’t have the time now to follow group discussions or other pages – but the great thing about Facebook Groups is that you can JOIN, then turn off notifications and then jump in when you need to or get tagged by your mates if there is something cool in there – pretty cool eh!?

Here are our TOP 9 Facebook Caravan & Camping related groups: (please add your favourites in the comments below so we can update down the track!) 

Number 1:  AUSSIE BIG LAPPERS – of course, our own group is our favourite so we are totally biased (and transparent) – although we would LOVE to share with you WHY our group is loved and pretty special:

  • Every single post is approved by Admin. This is a massive job!  We filter & delete up to 50+ posts per day to ensure the group only has relevant content, isn’t spammed and members follow our simple rules.
  • Over 15,000 Awesome Members – our group is such a wonderful community of like-minded people from all walks of life who LOVE caravanning & camping. Due to the tight monitoring, the trolls and negative ‘nancies’ are very quickly filtered out.
  • FOR EVERYONE – Families, singles, couples, nomads, planners, big lappers, dreamers and everyone inbetween.
  • Loads of caravanning & travelling inspiration – lots of families sharing their amazing adventures with hints, tips, advice and FUN.


  • This group is run by Mandy – the creator of the TAWK Supporter program and TAWK and one of the original families who started to connect people and inspire people to hit the road full time and see our amazing country.
  • Over 5,500 Members.
  • Filled with predominately travelling families who have the kids in tow.
  • A great group to find other families to connect with for a happy hour in your area.

Number 3AUSTRALIAN Caravanning/Camping Travelling With Dogs

  • Over 25,000 pet loving members.
  • Caravanning with Pets LOVES this group – filled with animal loving caravanners and campers!
  • Find pet-friendly places to say and things to do and loads of friendly advice.


  • With a whopping 230,000+ members, this group is the largest of it’s kind in Australia.
  • We are guessing that most caravanners & campers are members of this group already.
  • Lots of friendly volunteers who Admin (which is needed for such a massive group), led by Matt Sutton & Paula – both advocates for safety in the Caravan Industry.
  • Quick response time when you need advice – thousands of knowledgeable people who are willing to help out.

Number 5:  The very best of caravan and camping in Tassie

  • Over 25,000 members who either live in Tassie, have toured Tassie or are planning to visit Tassie.
  • When we were planning our 4 week Tour of Tassie (read our FREE eMag here) we were overwhelmed with how helpful this group was!
  • Keep it Tassie related and you will LOVE this group too.

Number 6:  Free Camping Australia

  • Over 60,000 Members
  • If you have a Free camping or Low cost camping question, this is the place to go. The other groups above will give you info on places too, however, this one is more focused.
  • Dedicated to only Free Camping and Low Cost camping

Number 7:  Station Hoppers Australia (Remote Caravan & Camping)

  • Over 40,000 Members
  • Remote, off the grid caravanning and camping is becoming increasingly popular across Australia and this group will help you will all your planning and tips for Station Stays across the great outback.

Number 8:  Caravan & Camper Tech Advice

  • Over 2,000 members
  • This is where we go for super technical advice as we try to keep this out of the other groups.
  • Run by Max from GO RV – he oozes tech knowledge and can point you in the right direction!

Number 9:  CARAVAN & CAMPING Buy, Swap & Sell

  • Over 250,000 Members
  • If you have anything caravan & camping related to sell, including your caravan or camper – this is the group for you!
  • Many people swear by this group, saying that they sell off their unwanted goods within minutes!

Number 10: Planning a Lap of Australia – Hints & Tips 

  • Over 25,000 Members
  • Super friendly and inspiring
  • run by the team at All Around Oz

YUP  – since this article was first published, we have been contacted about other super helpful groups!!

Do you need to join all of the groups above? Of course not – joining groups, communities, forums is all a choice – this is what makes it so wonderful.  Choose the group that is right for you, that you enjoy and that you get something out of.  Just be mindful that the more groups you join, the more time you might spend away from this gorgeous country!

Do you have a favourite Caravan & Camping related Facebook Group?

Pop it in the comments below so we can all check it out.

We are very proud members of the Caravan Industry Association of Victoria and proud Partners with the Caravan Industry Association of Australia (check out our Caravan/Camper Log Books!)

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