Visiting the Tip of Australia has always been on our bucket list. We’ve ticked off East & South and we were all surprised at how important it became to hit the tip and get that ONE photo at that ‘sign’.





The trip to get there is EPIC…or should we say HECTIC? We will share more about the adventure from Victoria to Birdsville to Cape York soon…however, in the meantime, here are our Top Tips for visiting that ‘sign’. Most of you will have travelled a very long way to get there, so we want you to make the most of it…





Let us set the scene: It was the 14th of July 2021 and the day was a bit gloomy, overcast and windy. This did not squash our excitement and we found ourselves pinching eachother – are we really here? we bloody made it!





We stayed at Loyalty Beach Campground – in the middle of lockdowns and border closures, there were loads of people caravanning around Queensland, lots of rigs on the road and heaps of people out and about!









We followed the GPS from Loyalty Beach and travelled for 45 minutes to get to the ‘Tip’ car park. After 10,000kms, I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the single car track was – gorgeous canopy of trees, bumpy, a red water crossing and then we popped out at the end. I am not too sure why I was expecting something bigger or maybe developed – but the car park was a small clearing at the edge of the beach and we snuck in over some rocks as it was FULL!





Check out this little clip from our drive!










Firstly – most of the signs up the top were useless (due to stickers or graffiti) or non-existent. This became quite amusing. When we hit the beach we have no idea which way to go? Where was the sign? Lucky there were other people there, we just followed the others… The beach was stunning, rugged and it was a real treat to walk around, then over the rocks to discover the ‘little’ sign in the middle of the rocks.

















Yes, it was rugged!





Yes, it was crappy weather!





Yes, it was crowded!





Yes, it was INCREDIBLE! After such a bloody long journey, it was an amazing experience to actually BE THERE! A memory that will stay with us forever – for a variety of reasons x














  • Hit the tip just before the sun rises…(many campers we spoke to did this and had a wonderfully peaceful time…)
  • Hit the tip at lunchtime…(most of the tour buses will have already visited and will be heading back to feed the hoards…)
  • Hit the tip LATE in the season…
  • Pack a lunch/snacks/drinks and take your time – the beach is gorgeous and the surrounding rock edges are stunning. If there is a large group, simply pull up a rock and relax. They will get their photo and leave, hopefully giving you a window of peace…we wish we did this!
    Do you have any other TIPS? We’d love to hear from you…
    ENJOY the moment! It’s a bloody long and sometimes hard drive to get there…
    Happy & Safe travels 😉 ~ Adele
    Photo #1: @katie_robins 4th Aug 2021
    Photo #2: @caravanningwithkids 14th July 2021





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