When we first purchased our caravan, the thought of anyone stealing it was far from my mind. I will readily admit to a few blonde comments from myself in early discussions… “How would they do it? Someone would notice it, wouldn’t they? It would be way too hard wouldn’t it?”

Geez, I was so wrong!

Not long after our purchase Wayne bought home a contraption that baffled me, it sat on the bench for a while and I remember thinking that it must be something for work? I had no clue!  A few weeks later when we took the van out, he pulled out the ‘contraption’ and all was revealed.  I felt a little silly that I didn’t realise what its purpose was.  It was a coupling lock, a simple yet brilliant invention to deter scoundrels’ stealing your caravan, camper or trailer…I instantly loved it.

It turns out that many vans and trailers go missing and recently my newsfeed on Facebook has been filled with stolen van stories.  Heartbreaking for those involved.  Our caravan is our home away from home, filled with homely items that may not be that valuable, but mean the world to us.  A caravan is sometimes a massive investment and to have it stolen would be a terrible experience.

Caravan’s and camper trailers are alarmingly being stolen at all times of the day and night, from caravan parks, from driveways…even from dealerships! Ouch…

Invest in a coupling lock – they range from only $20 and this is our number one piece of mind item that is the first thing we put on the van when we set up.  If thieves really want your rig, they will find a way…but I am positive this is a huge deterrent.coupling lock caravan

Safe & Happy Travels everyone xx Cheers Adele

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