What is a Scupper Vent? Do we really need it? Is it expensive?

When we dove head on into planning for our Red Centre adventure, we loved hearing stories from our friends and our Caravanning with Kids community.  Like many other Australians, Uluru had been on our bucket list since we were little kids.  Wayne and I had not been and as Ashlee learnt all about Australia in Grade 1, this was the perfect time to go.

scupper vent

Look Mum…what is it?

This next explanation was one of the easiest things Wayne has ever done…What is a Scupper vent and why we might need one?  It took all of 30 seconds:

“It’s a vent in the roof of the van that will raise the pressure in the van and reduce the amount of dust coming in when we drive along the red dirt roads….”

scupper vent outside

Our scupper vent on the roof of our van…

Right…ok… um…cool.

That was a lot easier than he expected. Hahaha

Do we really need it?

“Maybe not, but if we are driving along dirt roads most people have said that it makes a big difference”

Is it expensive?

“You can pick up a vent from $40 and install yourself, but you know how useless I am, so I got the caravan centre to install it for us” (he may or may not have said he was useless and I am hoping he doesn’t read this one hahaha)

UPDATE: We did not travel on as much red dirt as we expected when we went up the middle and didn’t use it…hahahaha!!

Do you have one? We would love to know how you keep the dust out of your rig….

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