We often get asked what type of canopy we have on our Ranger.

“That’s a good looking canopy!”

“Cool canopy guys – where did you get that from?”

“Do you have access on all sides? Love your canopy”

There are two main reasons why we have always had a PJ’s 4×4 Canopy on our Ranger.

  1. They are a local team who deliver! – PJ’s 4×4 have been manufacturing and installing canopies, ute trays and so much more since 2013.  This family run business in Shepparton were the perfect choice when we got our first canopy installed in 2015 and continue to deliver outstanding support.
  2. QUALITY – superior quality, sleek design and so many awesome features.  By far the safest, most secure and best insulated canopy that we found.

Before our big trip to Outback Queensland, we were updating our car wrap to feature the new branding of our Shop – Adventure Awaits – Wayne was raving about the new Elite Canopy by PJ’s 4×4, so we figured it was perfect timing to upgrade (and to make him very happy!)

I am (obviously) not savvy on the key mechanical features of The Elite Canopy.  All I know is that it looks awesome and I LOVE the fact that it taps into the central locking on our car, so there is no need for a separate key to lock it. This is a winning feature for us, especially when we are caravanning and getting in and out of the back every day. 

So, I asked Wayne why he loves it so much. 

The Elite Canopy has a bundle of features, where do I start!?

  • Looks like it belongs to our car, sleek with stylish finishes that make it look like we actually brought it with the car.
  • They use layered fiberglass which not only makes it stronger and more insulated, it also means it doesn’t weigh a tonne.  All caravanners know that it’s all about your weights and our Ranger often doesn’t give us much room to move.  We are over the moon to get a canopy this sophisticated at a lighter weight.
  • This extra strength makes The Elite Canopy rated to 110kg dynamic or 400kg static.  The roof rails are rated to 85kg and can be removed too.  With 4 access caps on the inside,  you can easily secure your roof rails or racks.
  • In addition to the layers of fiberglass insulating the canopy, the premium suspended roof lining also make it cooler – this is fantastic for our dog (who loves it in the back) and our fridges and gear.
  • The windows are a full frame door. Having 3 doors enables you to access any side of the rear space. Both side windows are double tinted, and the rear is single tinted allowing you to still see through using your rear vision mirror with no hassles whatsoever. The windows also have a clear film on them, so that should something nasty happen, it will still hold shattered glass together.
  • When you lift any one of the 3 access windows with the coloured steel handles, you have the option of LED strip lighting to come on as well as the centre light that also comes on when a window is opened. Just like the car light on the roof, these can be turned on or off to your liking.
  • At the front of the canopy, it has a split 50/50 window slider. This not only allows you access to your cars rear window if fully opened, but if left slightly opened when driving it gives a positive pressure inside the canopy which reduces the amount of dust being sucked in by the negative pressure through the tailgate and other holes inside the rear tub.  We always travel with one side open an inch or so – this makes a massive difference to stopping dirt getting sucked in.  (scroll down for a little video that show’s you how incredible the insulation is and how this positive pressure stopped the red dirt getting in on our 6 week outback Queensland adventure!)  It also gives our dog some lovely fresh air while we are driving. With the shape at the front of the canopy, I am yet to get any rain in there at all, so everything remains dry. 
  • On the outside of the canopy, it has a nice little spoiler with an LED brake light in it at the top. This extra brake light is great for those higher cars on the road.
  • The roof on the canopy also sits flush with the top of the car.
  • The canopy is also wired into your car alarm. See, I told you there were heaps of features to list…
We were SUPER impressed with NO red dirt or dust from outside! Incredible…

PJ’s 4×4’s attention to detail is second to none. These guys have developed their canopies to suit our Australian conditions, they have thought of everything.  They not only do canopies for Rangers but do them for most of the new 4×4 dual cabs on the market. Triton, BT-50, Navara, Colorado, D-Max.

On hand over the guys run through everything that you need to know about the canopy. How to care for it, what to look for, and how to use it to it’s full potential. They even give you a small tub of touch up paint.

Got more questions? Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line or contact PJ’s 4×4 directly – they are only a two hour drive north of Melbourne and one of the experienced staff will have no hassles in helping you out with any questions you may have.

Not in Victorian?  Live interstate?  No worries. PJ’s 4×4 have qualified service agents all around Australia to get you up and running.

Another product for caravanning & camping that has been TRIED, TESTED and LOVED.


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