Our very first family caravanning adventure was in the Winter.  Not long after we purchased our first caravan, we couldn’t wait to hit the road and experience our first (of many) weekends away.  This was the very reason we got the van in the first place! (read how we made our decision here) The last thing we wanted to do was spend all this money and leave it in the garage till the weather warmed up! There are many reasons why you should go Winter Caravanning, here are our top 3!

1:  You can always get warm! 

That’s right. It really is that simple. Layers…

2:  New Experiences!

Winter in many parts of Australia is absolutely GORGEOUS! This year we took our girls to the snow for the very first time, an experience that we all cherished and was a highlight of our year.  Yes, it was cold…Yes, it was freezing on the mountain…and YES, it was brilliant and we had a blast. Creating memories that will last forever!

This winter, we road tested the Essential Caravans Grant Cruiser Family van – check out our review here.  We headed to Bright in the high country of Victoria.  We have experienced the region in Summer and loved it.  During Winter, Bright takes on a very different look, it was like holidaying in a completely different town.

3:  We are TOGETHER!

The most important reason to go Winter Caravanning came from our 9 year old.  We asked Ashlee how she felt about heading away in the winter cold. Her response was priceless xx

“It doesn’t matter where we are Mum, as long as we are together…I’ll just take an extra jacket”

Our favourite quote…. Caravanning brings us together, reconnecting us as a family giving us QUALITY time.

We love it!!

We now travel in a Vacationer Rough Rider and tossed around adding a Diesel heater – oh wow – we are so glad we did and would definitely recommend you adding one if you are building soon.

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