One family’s passion for quality time and exploration spurned a unique idea celebrating travel, life and the spirit of on-road adventures!

CARAVANNING with Kids changed Wayne and Adele’s lives. Dynamic professionals from country Victoria, they had hardly noticed as the busyness of life crept up upon them. Weekends were filled with jobs, chores and work brought home from the office – their family bond and happiness was suffering. After a holiday to Adelaide (with their daughters) they together identified that life was completely out of whack – something needed to change! Wayne and Adele suddenly understood they needed to remove themselves from their busy lives, distance themselves from the distractions and re-insert themselves into engaged family life.

The result?

They purchased a caravan and… voila! As the story goes, Wayne and Adele’s lives have been changed forever. Definitely, changed for the better! Caravanning with Kids has seen the Dyson’s reconnected; they spend quality family time together as frequently as they can escape!

Every weekend possible you’ll find them laughing, loving and celebrating family life on the road.

Adele & Wayne are thrilled to share their passion with you via the Caravanning with Kids Family Travel Journal.

The Family Travel Journal is a unique way to document your adventures whether you fly, drive, sail or holiday-at-home. Designed for all types of expeditions it’s perfect for recording it all! From long trips in the caravan, quick weekend getaways, sleepovers at family and friends or massive pilgrimage overseas the Family Travel Journal is your must-have companion.

Launched in early 2015 this innovative product was inspired by one of the Dyson’s most cherished activities – journaling the day’s adventures. As a family, getting out the journal after dinner and documenting what has happened during the day is a treasured ritual. Big sister Ashlee loves this time and enjoys the opportunity to practice her writing skills. Little sister Kate fills in with some drawings and Mum & Dad pop in a few of their own notes too.

Record your most precious times and daily memories in a Family Travel Journal. You’ll delight in the family bonding now and savor the reminders of wonderful times in years to come.

The Family Travel Journal is designed, developed and printed in Victoria.

The Caravanning with Kids Travel Journal was born as a result of Wayne & Adele’s passion for family travel and adventure. Join their family in celebrating what’s truly important – love, laughter and the appreciation of being together.

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