When you plan your visit to Alice Springs, make sure you add The Alice Springs School of the Air. Back in 2016, we did an epic 4 week adventure up the middle and we made sure we took the kids for a visit. It was fascinating and the girls still talk about their time there…

The Alice Springs School of the Air is an integral part of children’s lives in the Australian Outback.

History, Lifestyle & Innovation…Since 1951 when Alice Springs School of the Air was established, it has been at the forefront of developing techniques that continually enhance learning experiences of students living in remote areas of Central Australia. Immerse yourself in history, learn about outback lifestyle, discover world-class innovations and be inspired by what has been and continues to be a uniquely Australian method of education – achieved in “The World’s Largest Classroom”.

Over the years, the technology used for lessons has changed as much as the style of teaching. When School of the Air first opened, our children listened to lessons without being able to ask questions or talk to their teacher.  Their lesson was much like a lecture delivered over the radio waves.  Can you imagine how difficult that was for a rambunctious 8-year-old or an inquisitive 11-year-old full of questions about the outside world? Luckily, great innovators and educators put their heads together and built an interactive education service that inspires remote Australian children to strive for and reach their goals, dreams and aspirations.

The Alice Springs School of the Air Experience is one of the most popular, unique and authentic attractions in Central Australia.

A trip to the Visitor Centre will bring to life an integral and unique facet of children’s lives in the Australian outback. You will hear their stories of school from afar, life on the land, and share in their dreams, achievements, and journeys.

We’re located just 5 minutes’ drive (3.5 kilometers/ 2.2 miles) north of the Alice Springs CBD and a stone’s throw from the Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve.

Contact details:

80 Head Street, Alice Springs NT 0870

PO Box 1220, Alice Springs NT 0871

T: +61 8 8951 6834

E: visitorcentre@assoa.nt.edu.au


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