This feedback made our hearts burst….it sums up exactly what our Travel Journals are all about…

“Thank you so much….We purchased it before heading off on our 3 week trip to outback and central Australia. We had 3 kids with our group, every single day they filled out their Travel Journals, sometimes writing one page, other days writing 3 pages. Pictures were drawn on some of the day’s other days leaving room for a photo. We had so many different sceneries of where the kids did their journals, this was one of my favourites, back of the hilux, tailgate down and a pine post to sit on. I read thru it last night again after being home for 10 days and it still brings me so much happiness as to how the kids reflected on each day of the trip. This journal is a must for any holiday you are planning and will be great to look back on in years to come” ~ Narelle P

“I bought my 7yr old daughter one of the Caravanning with Kids journals and she loves it! Every time we travel, she packs it in her suitcase and writes down stories about her little holiday adventures, new friends she makes (and their addresses because she likes to send and receive postcards), draws pictures …. loves it! And when her Nan visits, out it comes…. ‘Look at this Nan….this is what I did on holidays’. It’s even been to school for Show n Tell. Her journal is her prized possession and I love it because it has everything she needs in it and it keeps her entertained when we travel #MumWin ” – Karon 

“Have some rather excited kids today when there parcel turned up. They are amazing thank you!!” – Natasha

“Adele explained that the Travel Journals were aimed at kids, but all ages would enjoy them, so as ‘Grey Nomads’ we decided to give one a go.  Oh my, we are enjoying it so much.  The journal pages are perfect for what we need, plenty of room to jot down our daily travels and we pop a photo code in the box and we will create a “homemade” photo book when we get home. Plus we gave the activities from the back to the grandkids.  Thank you, we love it” – Linda & Gerald

“First stop on our trip to QLD…Could not wait to fill in her journal….Thank you for your great products” ~ Samantha

“One holiday evening activity for my lil people is their travel journal. It helps them to remember their day and reinforces the fun 🙂 Miss 4 draws a picture and writes and circles the day, then dictates to me and I demonstrate how to use the writing frame. Mr 5 writes and draws about his day himself and is learning how to keep the letters in the right place on the frame all at the same time. I love that I was able to provide him with a relevant literacy and writing task while away during term time. I also let them take their own photos during the day which we will add once back at home. Thank you Caravanning with Kids :)” ~ Catherine Vic

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