When we were planning our adventure to the Red Centre, we had a few people ask why would we visit Broken Hill? “There is nothing there, it’s the middle of nowhere…” people commented.  Sorry to say it folks but boy were they wrong. Broken Hill is amazing!! We will write more about this soon….

Whilst visiting Broken Hill we stayed in the Lake View Caravan Park another member of the Family Parks group. This stay began well with bubbly Amy welcoming us on reception and the girls quietly spotting an icecream fridge whilst we were told the ‘sites were large’ – everyone in the CWK family was happy!


All the sites at Lake View Caravan Park are 30ft long and very easy to get in and out of. This is always great news for us with a larger 24-foot rig. We were set up with ease and quickly ready to explore both the park and the downtown area of Broken Hill which is only an easy stroll away. Location, location!

The whole family appreciated the large shower cubicles with plenty of room to jump in, shower, dry and dress all in the one place (this is the stuff Mum’s travelling with kids dreams of!)  The water pressure was to-die-for and we all enjoyed the best shower of our adventure… I could have stayed under there all day! As travellers, clean and well maintained amenities are all we ever ask for and this park delivered that and more.

dsc_0951 dsc_0963

There are two indoor camp kitchens with all the expected basics and a table tennis table which we all had a go of. The girls had a little game and then delighted at Wayne and my own fierce competition. It was way too cold to swim, but there was a simple pool area on a rise with a wonderful view that the whole family would have enjoyed in the right season.  The girls took over the small playground and made it their own.  There’s more than enough to do here year round. If it rains during your stay (like it did for us) be prepared for it to get a bit muddy and messy underfoot. If you know wet weather might be forecast definitely pack your wellies!

dsc_0964 dsc_0946 dsc_0956

Interestingly Lake View Caravan Park has an impressive installation of solar panels which I love! It’s great to see caravan parks doing all they can to conserve energy and make tourism in their local area more sensitive to the environment.

The Caravanning with Kids family really loved Broken Hill. The Lake View Caravan Park is a great spot to pull up and enjoy the awesome surrounding region.  Quiet, clean and with plenty to do we definitely suggest Broken Hill and Lake View Caravan Park are worth a visit!

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