Meelight Portable Night Light – REVIEW by Little Van Crew

When Caravanning with Kids asked me to test run their latest product – the Meelight, I was very excited. Anything to make our life in the caravan (and as parents) easier is a win in my book and I love anything that’s a little bit innovative.

The Meelight is a `feeding and care night light` that is dimmable, rechargeable and wearable. In the box is;

  • Meelight
  • Meeclip
  • Charging Base
  • Power Adaptor
  • USB Lead

My first thoughts when opening the Meelight was ‘what a clever little gem’. Its so sleek and fits easily in your hand, plus it doesn’t take up too much space on my (tiny) caravan bedside table. It’s white so it would suit any décor and it has a simple yellow light. I love that it has either a USB lead, so it can be charged and used when free camping or with the power adaptor when we are on a powered site. Charging time wasn’t long at all and once charged, it can last up to 24 hours.

Have you ever tried to walk around a caravan in the dark? There’s a high chance you will run in to something or knock something off a bench! With the Meelight you can remove the light from the charging base and the light can then be carried around with you which makes it a game changer! If I need to tend to one of the boys in their bunks, or if Hudson wakes up for a feed, I can do so without needing to turn a light on and risk waking the other one up. No one wants a van full of awake children in the middle of the night! It also serves as a great little reading light or if we need to use the bathroom overnight which is right near the boys’ bunk beds.

Another great feature of the Meelight if you can attach it to the Meeclip which can then be clipped onto your bra strap or top so that you can tend to your child or baby HANDSFREE! This feature had Greg and I reminiscing about those night nappy changes, breastfeeds and bottle preparations with a newborn baby! With the Meelight they can be done with both hands. And without waking bub with your invasive iphone torch! How amazing!

There is one button and 3 light levels – low, medium and high. To turn it on you simply do a gentle long press until the low level light comes on. Another press and the light will be low but with a 30 minute timer, the same with the medium level and high level. After 30 minutes the light will turn off automatically if left on these timer settings. To switch the light off you just do another long press. Meelight explains that the reason the medium and high levels are on a timer is because too much light is not good for great sleep over long periods of time.

The Meelight isn’t just for caravanning families or newborn parents though, it would make an amazing nightlight for a little person too. The lowest level light can be left on throughout the night on the charging base and if they have to get up for the toilet or to walk to mum & dads’ bedroom, they can simply take the Meelight with them.

I did find the Meeclip to be a little tricky to clip onto your clothes. I would suggest attaching the Meeclip first (or even sleeping with it on!) and then you can clip the Meelight onto the clip.

Overall, I think the Meelight is the perfect addition to any caravan or family home! It would make a fantastic gift for a new mum too. It’s small, light weight, simple to use and makes night times a breeze.

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Lauren  xx

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