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We first met the awesome team from Navigator at the Perth Caravan Show in February 2019 and were blown away with the outstanding quality of their products – we couldn’t wait to bring some of them to our shop!

Navigator is an outdoor caravan, camping & adventure brand that provides accessories with a purpose for the modern-day nomad to assist in getting the best experience with as little stress as possible.

In 2013 during a Kimberly trip with many hours to think whilst exploring the Gibb River Road, our founder (and experienced caravaner) Mark had a light bulb moment. After having hacked together sauce bottle holders using strips of velcro and stubby holders, Mark realised the market for practical items that enhance the experience when caravanning both on, and off road. Safe to say that was the last ‘messy’ caravan trip he’s had. Navigator uses premium quality materials tested by our team of avid outdoor enthusiasts together with the experience of manufacturing product in the 4WD industry for over 15 years.

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