Designed & developed in Australia to cope with typical outdoor use including elements such as dust, dirt, sun, sand, wind, water, food & spillage. Conceived during a camping holiday in the beautiful Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia,
Winerest ™ was developed because our glasses of wine kept falling over in the grass. An idea was hatched, became a
sketch, then a prototype which worked so well that we soon had friends asking for one. Now you can have one as well & see for yourself just how natural and intuitive it is. It’s also ambidextrous. The secret to its effortless use is two-fold. Firstly Winerest is the world’s first ‘in-line’ wine glass holder which means it’s easy to use and secondly it has a unique ‘stem capture & glass cradle system’ which uses our patented ‘Lollipop Lock’. Don’t settle for inferior wine glass holders which are difficult to use, are less secure and are aesthetically challenging. Winerest ™ comes in 6 great colours so it intergrates easily with any taste and we only use materials and methods proven to endure the most strenuous use.

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