You are now stuck at home or in your caravan for an extended period of time…with the kids! Here are our top 20 Isolation activities for kids…and grown ups too!

*PLEASE add your favourites at the bottom and we will keep adding & building this list to create a kick arse list for everyone to enjoy!


Before you all pull your hair out and start to panic at the thought of months on end without being able to leave the home, our team have gathered their favourite ‘at home’ activities to HELP…

Firstly – we have had a bunch of families message us about their Travel Journals and we think this is a brilliant idea!

“I wanted to let you know what our kids are doing! – firstly, thankyou for the prompt delivery of our Travel Journals – they are PERFECT! However, our holiday has now been cancelled and we are all very disappointed, especially the kids. But this happened today – they both pulled out their journals and said this: “Mum, we are gonna call these our Corona Journals instead of our Travel Journals and we are going to write about what happens at home over the next little while – I think we will laugh down the track and Ms Kelly (teacher) will LOVE IT” I can’t believe they actually WANT to journal and I think they have the BEST idea…”


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Australian MADE!

Backyard Camping:

Who has set up the caravan or pitched the tent in the backyard? This creates a wonderful extra space for the kids to play, use their imagination and also have some independance. Setting up ‘house’ in the safety of the backyard will inspire some super fun make believe scenarios. Crack out the camp chairs and enjoy the space as a family. #caravanningwithkidsathome

Photo Challenge:

We set our girls a photo challenge that works inside and outside. We gave them both an old phone and asked them to explore the backyard and take as many unusal or unique photos as they could, then they both had to check eachothers out and pick their top 10 to show the rest of the family – then we picked our favourites. This resulted in hours of entertainment and playtime with the girls working together, having FUN and the results were surprising.

Kate (aged 8) took this one during a photo challenge that went for hours…

Food Art:

This is one for the older kids – designing, planning & executing food art can be challenging and entertaining. From Food animals to funky pancake designs – the internet is filled with fun ideas.

Dance Party:

Another activity that can be done inside or outside. Pump up the tunes, play DJ and watch the kids have a blast dancing their little hearts out. Make it even more special by adding a dress up element!


Colouring, drawing, painting, cut n’ paste, decoupage, paper mache, sidewalk CHALK art – channel your inner child and remember all the fun activities you did as a child and away you go… We have a new DRAWING GAME that is hilarious for the whole family – Samitomato Drawing Game

Samitomato Drawing Game is FUN for the whole family!

You will also find our FREE PRINTABLES here…

Find lots of unique craft supplies here…

Cubby House:

Get out the old blankets, sheets & towels and let them create the ultimate space. During these isolation times, many parents will need to take bigger breaths as their kids make an enormous mess!


Get them involved at meal times – this creates a strong sense of achievement for them and they will feel like they are contributing. Baking cookies, peeling vegetables, scrambling eggs – let them sift through the cookbooks and create masterpieces that they will be proud of. They could also create a little cooking show of their own… Our girls LOVE doing this…

Movie Time:

Shut the blinds & curtains, get out the popcorn and make an event of it. Make it exciting and special with a SURPRISE element – get Dad to pop them in the car and drive around the block a couple of times while you race around to create the MOVIE theatre! Make a ticket booth and number the chairs in the lounge room. Role play can be so much FUN!

Board Games:

In previous times, you might not have had time to get through a game of Monopoly, now it’s time to dust off those old favourites and huddle together to relive the magic.


We LOVE jigsaw puzzles – another challenge for ones that have been done before – do it WITHOUT the picture! Check out some unique games & puzzles here…

How cool are these growing puzzles! They are called My Zilipoo and you can get yours here…

Obstacle Courses:

Over the last few weeks we have seen many clips online from families who have created insane obstacle courses inside and out. A great way to get the kids outdoors and using their imagination. Get the stop watch out to time them, go for a PB or race against eachother. This one creates more mess…but…you are not going anywhere and noone is visiting…so…

Treasure Hunt:

Write some simple clues for around the house and yard – all leading them to a PRIZE at the end – maybe a new toy or treat.

If you have a sand pit, are close to an isolated beach or a big pile of dirt – these Sand Castle Tools are AWESOME!

Plaits & Braids:

Another one for the older kids – jump on Youtube for some tutorial action. You knew those loom bands would come in handy some day.


Making up a dance routine to our favourite songs and showing our family was one of our favourite things to do as a child. Your kids might need a little help and encouragement with this one, but the outcome is always worth the effort.


See above! Making up a play, writing a script, set design, props – hours of entertainment for the older ones.

5 Minute Crafts:

We have all probably spent way too much time scrolling through “5 Minute Crafts” on Youtube – now is the time to pick out some and actually see if any of them really work!


Multiple uses and always FUN – from simply bouncing and floating them in the air to drawing on them and making balloon people and animals to filling them with flour or rice and making stress balls!


Slime was huge a few years ago in our house and now it’s back! Experiment with different recipes – including natural ones with corn flour and edible ones with mashmallows!. Ashlee created this Slime clip a few years ago…


Find some funny, wholesome and quirky episodes and clips that the kids will relate to and find entertaining. Norris Nuts is a favourite in this house.

Bear Hunts:

Is your town doing a Teddy Bear Hunt? During this isolation period many towns are putting teddy bears in their front windows. Parents are then telling the kids they are going on a Bear Hunt – FUN & exercise & fresh air…


Pack a picnic, get an old blanket and lap up the fresh air & peace. Make it special by getting the kids involved and excited. Get them dresses, do a few laps in the car and come home to enjoy your picnic OUT.


There are truck loads of FREE fitness videos and clips out there that will get the kids fired up and exercising – from kids Yogo to Zumba classes and gym workouts – you will find something for all ages.

Are you stuck in the van? Why not play Catch with the caravan??

Racing Track:

All you will need is masking tape – create ‘tracks’ all around the house – up and over furniture, in and out of cupboards – prefect for race cars or even horses or unicorns.

Pen Pals:

Write letters – if your kids have never done this before, believe me, they will love receiving a return letter in the post. Keep in contact with family and friends the old fashioned way!! We have set up “Caravanning with Kids PEN PAL” – get the kids to write to Ashlee & Kate and they will write back!! Send your Pen Pal letters to our SHOP – 66 Melville Street Numurkah Vic 3636.

Become a Pen Pal…


We all know what that is…great time to do it!

Tik Tok:

During these weird isolation times, I feel I will need to relax my strict rules on social media – you can read about my thoughts here – Social Media & Young Kids – however, TikTok is hilarious – we have a Caravanning with Kids account and LOVE that the girls can have FUN and NOT post them anywhere – so they can still do the crazy dances and skits for FUN for themselves – they simply stay in drafts and everyone is safe…we do let the occasional one fly into TikTok world…. Click below to check out my epic Tiktok BOMB!

This is just the beginning – we hope you guys send us your photos & ideas and we will keep adding to this list…

Stay Well xx

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