One of the first things we purchased when we started our caravanning adventures was a UHF for our tow vehicle. At the time, I remember asking my husband if we really needed one and his response: “Hell Yeah – you shouldn’t tow a heavy load without one…” It didn’t take me long to find out exactly WHY all caravanners should travel with a UHF.



Channel 40 is always on in our vehicle and we use it only to chat with the Truckies, discuss road conditions, road works or get word from pilot drivers with instructions about wide loads. There were hundreds of times in our recent trip to FNQ adventure when our UHF ensured we had a safer journey and just as many times that we found ourselves cursing other towing drivers who either didn’t have a UHF or didn’t have it turned on!

eg: Check out this wide load we passed in Queensland – 10 metres wide – two pilot cars and two police cars! The kids loved seeing such a HUGE bucket!


2020 gave us COVID-19 and no international travel. This also introduced thousands of NEW caravanners and campers to our community – all eager to travel across our great country. Many have never towed anything heavier than a trailer and having a UHF is a wonderful opportunity to help out, guide, assist and add a bit of wisdom if you feel they are struggling.

Other caravanners might have left a vent open, a window unlocked, other things flapping in the wind or you might need to overtake them – jump on your UHF and let them know.


“Have ya got ya ears on?” If you travel in convoy with your mates, having a UHF makes it so much easier to communicate, especially when there is little or no service. If we are convoying, we actual travel with a little handheld one as well – we keep the main channel on 40 and then pick a channel not in use to chat with our friends.

“Hang a left in 5km mate – over the hill – you will find us at the free camp….”

Please always remember to always BE KIND on the roads.

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