Caravanning with Kids trials Mozzie Prevention with Natural Wonders Australia:

If you have followed Caravanning with Kids for a while you will know how we have struggled with bloody mozzies! Let’s be honest nobody likes them – and unfortunately for us they love our little Kate. As a result we are always trying different treatments and repellents – anything that might rid us of them, or at best ease the post bite pain! I’m almost sure we have tried nearly everything on the market; even the homemade ones and we’re still waiting for the magical cure.

As a Mum I know I’d try anything to help her from this dreaded mozzie misery! At the Victorian Caravan & Camping Supershow we met the owner of Natural Wonders Australia and I listened intently to her speak about her products, this is what she had to say;

Jeannie: “We are a small family run business which formulates, create, bottle & label all of our products using organic, natural or naturally-derived ingredients. Our products are quite unique as we formulate them using the latest available “green” ingredients on the market. All of our ingredients are sourced from Australian suppliers and are not tested on animals. Our ingredients are also selected with consideration to their environmental impact, such as ensuring they are fully biodegradable and non-toxic. All of our products are made from scratch, in that we do not use pre-made bases. Our packaging is Australian made and 100% recyclable. We are accredited with Australian Made, Choose Cruelty Free, ChemFree Community and a business partner with Moral Fairground”

Sounds good right! Add to that the mozzie cream is DEET free and tropical strength. I was excited just hearing her words! SOLD I cried. (Well not really, but I was super-happy and I knew that we needed to try Natural Wonders Australia for ourselves!)

At Caravanning with Kids we love supporting small, local and family businesses. We also love it when products are Aussie made…just like our very own Travel Journals & Pegless Clotheslines. So after my excitement that Natural Wonders ticked so many of my personal boxes we left Jeannie behind with the Good Riddance Mozzie & Midgie Mousse, Rescue Balm and a Good Riddance Outdoor Candle in our hot little hands. We were set…come at us mozzies, we’ve a new weapon on our side!

The following weekend we put the products to the test. Firstly, the smell from the Outdoor Candle is sublime, even if this didn’t keep the mozzies away, I was in love with the fragrance…but it actually did! The mozzies were out and about, but not around our specific campsite. The ‘mousse’ is in a pump bottle was easy for the girls to use and was soooooooo smooth to touch and pleasant to wear. I quickly forgot that I was using repellent, as these products were day spa quality – unheard of right!? The expected anti-mozzie hideous smells and tacky feeling skin were definitely nowhere to be seen.

Natural Wonders

The mozzies did not venture to our site but they were still around the greater area. Kate still managed to get a few bites – but this is standard with everything we use. So overall, these were a winner. Anything that minimises the mozzies in the area and is pleasant to apply is a definite win!  When they are really bad – we combine this with a Thermacell…winning combination!

But the best bit came afterwards! The little Rescue Balm is dynamite and a must have in any first aid kit or handbag. Contained in a lip balm case, it is super easy to apply to bites, scratches and any other itchy areas. The balm smells delicious and more importantly…it works!!

Even poor little Kate’s big red welts were calmed and relieved by this tiny tube of wonder. I’m told the success is based in its ingredients a strong blend of anti-bacterial essential oils known for relieving pain, itch and inflammation. As well as Jojoba, Tamanu, Castor & Vitamin E oils help to reduce inflammation, promote healing and reduce scarring.  We NEVER leave home with out one and a TUB lives in our caravan…

If you’ve struggled with itches, bites and mozzie-attracting kids I encourage you to try the range! There’s nothing worse than being bitten so what have you got to loose? Just a whole lot of whinging and scratching… right!?

Until next time, stay bite-free! Adele XX

Check out the range of good Riddance Mozzie Products  here;

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