Looking for an app to track your trip? Or perhaps you’d like to plot your route on an interactive map?

We’ve compiled a list of options tried and tested by our caravanning community to save you time searching, so you can spend more time planning!

Polar Steps – (contains in app purchases) The hugely popular Polar Steps helps you track and record your route automatically and afterwards you can turn it in to a beautiful hard cover travel book.

Explore Oz Traveller  – (paid app) The ultimate travel planner and navigational tool for your Australian road trip adventure. Designed for casual and experienced travellers containing GPS tracking and trip planner, personal tracker, offline maps, points of interest, campsites and much more.

In addition you can also access ExploreOz Tracker – (free app) A great feature of this app is that you can share a link with family and friends so they can track your travels (see your current location and be notified when you arrive at your destination etc. ) This can be used on the Explore Oz website or they can download and view it in the app.

WikiCamps – (paid app)

We’ve found this app invaluable over the years. It’s a crowd-sourced database app featuring 1000’s of campgrounds, caravan parks and points of interest all across Australia. Complete with trip planner and reviews from other campers, this app is a bargain at only $8.

Hema Maps 4×4 Explore – (paid app) Helps you easily plan, navigate and share your remote adventures. With offline maps and 1000’s of campsites and 100,000’s of points of interest, it’s a great option for your travels.

Google My Maps – (free app) Allows you to make custom maps on any device via your Google account. Can be shared with family and friends who can also contribute to the maps.

Travel Boast – (free but contains in app purchases) Cartoon Style Travel Map Maker. A fun, animated option for tracking and showing your friends and family your travel route.

Roadtrippers Trip Planner – (paid app) Build your perfect road trip. This can be used not just in Australia but worldwide too. Contains trip guides and recommendations so you can plan and save your trip itineraries.

Memory Map – (contains in app purchases) Gives you access to a huge range of worldwide maps and charts. You can download free maps of your locations and create and edit routes and points of interest along the way. Includes map tracking plus lots more!

A lot of these apps will allow you download offline content so you can still access your routes without phone or internet reception. However, it’s always a good idea to take paper maps as a backup!

Any other apps you think we should add to this list?

Let us know below!

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