The Easter long weekend is Australia’s most popular time of the year to go camping. Summer is over, so it’s usually a little cooler, and it’s a fun and festive time to go camping with family and friends.

Here are a few of our favourite ideas for when we go camping at Easter with our own kids!

‘Bunny in the Hole’

Our go-to camping breakfast all year ‘round and we love putting a bunny spin on it at Easter time. All you need is a bunny cookie cutter. Make sure you find one that fits inside your slice of bread!

Easter Bunny Fry-Up

A super cute easy to make Easter brekky! A fried egg, strips of bacon for the ears, blueberries for eyes and chives for whiskers.

Bunnyside Up

Another fun brekky option that is easy and clever. A simple food-grade silicone egg ring in the shape of a bunny face. We tried this one out on the kids for the first time last year and they loved it! Check it out here

Bunny Cob

Put your favourite dip into a cob loaf and use a little bread roll for the head. Use off-cuts from the cob loaf to create ears and attach them with toothpicks. Add olives or sultanas for eyes, marshmallow for nose, strips of licorice or whatever else takes your fancy!

Looking for cob loaf recipes? Click here

How yummy does this cheese platter look –

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Carrot Treat Bags

Friends of ours made these for us for Easter one year and we’ve been making them ever since. We use cellophane bags, fill them with Cheetos Cheese & Bacon Balls and tie them with green raffia or ribbon.

Crafty Bunny Butt Chupa Chups

Love this cute idea and we made them for all the kids we went camping with last year. There are heaps of templates online but here’s a nice simple one. If you’re not crafty, you can buy the pre-cut bunny papers at a reasonable price on Etsy, and just add the Chupa Chup and a bit of glue or tape to hold them together!

We love to decorate our campsite! At this time of year you can find heaps of Easter paraphernalia at stores like Spotlight as well as discount stores. We hang Easter bunting off our caravan awning. Our Slide n’ Dry Pegless Clotheslines are perfect for this –

Looking for an Easter gift that isn’t chocolate? Check out our range here

For a special Easter treat for ADULTS, check these out. Baileys in small hollow eggs or create your own Easter Cocktail in hollow bunnies.

We hope this has given you some inspiration for your own Easter camping trip! Have fun!

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