Choosing a caravan is no simple decision, we are so spoilt for options these days! Our family have been in hundreds of caravans over the years from when we were looking at buying our first one and when we attended the Caravan & Camping shows… we’ve seen them all! And, wow… there are some amazing rigs out there!

victorian caravan supershowIf you’re considering to buy a caravan, the industry shows are a great place to start exploring. By far the best event we have attended so far in 2016 was the Victorian Caravan & Camping Supershow in Melbourne.  The CIA Victoria Team put on an outstanding display of vans, camper trailers, tents, accessories and everything in between.  At their shows you will only find the best from the industry and this is highlighted by the enormous variety they exhibit.  So, my first tip in looking for your perfect van, be it your first, an upgrade or new accessories, is hit the show!

Tip number two is take your time! The variety and choice of range can be overwhelming! We recommend you take your time, enjoy the day or weekend and soak it all in.  Chat with all the friendly sales teams and gather all the information you will need to make an informed decision.  If you know what you are looking for (you can check out our article “Choosing the right caravan for your family..” here) take your list of questions and ask away.  Don’t make a decision under pressure and be sure to tick off all your questions before you decide a van is truly the right fit for you!

If you are in Victoria, look out for the next CIA Vic Caravan Shows – Wodonga – Border Caravan & Camping Expo, Melbourne – Melbourne Leisurefest & Bendigo – Bendigo Caravan & Camping Leisurefest

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Click here to watch our interview with Macca from What’s Up Downunder.


As the ‘Caravanning with Kids’ family we are often asked “What do you tow?” and “Who is your favourite manufacturer?” and we are always pleased to share our honest thoughts and answers.

Firstly, we have done our homework when it comes to looking at family vans.  We have spent long hours researching and looking at everything this wonderful industry has to offer so this what we own was definitely an informed decision. We currently tow an Ian Grants Caravans Grant Tourer, a second hand van that was in immaculate condition when we purchased it…and for the last couple of years it has been the perfect van for us…however, like many van-addicts, we are always looking for our next one!


Generally at this year’s event there were three manufacturers that stood out for us, purely for their high quality and design, let me share them with you.  Firstly, New Age Caravans have always been on our list of favourites, and they were cemented as our number one pick from the 2016 Show.  Their range of family vans is extensive, possibly not something that is recognised enough within the industry.  Their attention to detail and the quality of finishing was impressive and really blew our socks off!  We discovered that New Age Caravans have a female CEO and I have to admit, that I did notice a female touch in many of the element of their vans.  Service is also another element that is super important to me and their sales team were impressive.  We know we can be indepth with our scope of questioning (Wayne even more so than me!) and Andy from their National Sales team was on the ball with his genuine interest, enthusiasm and product knowledge. If you are looking for a family van definitely check out New Age Caravans, manufactured in Melbourne and overall out top pick.

new age caravans


Rounding up our Top 3 for 2016 are Elite Caravans and Kokoda Caravans – each delivering a fabulous range of vans and well worth a look as well.

In closing, choosing a caravan is a personal decision. What your family needs is what is important and understanding your ‘must haves’, ‘wants’ and ‘can live withouts’ makes for an informed purchasing decision. Remember research, research, research! This is the key to knowing you’ll choose the right van for you!

Happy and safe travels everyone, we are always available to discuss caravans – just drop us a line!

Adele and Wayne xx

We will be in Melbourne & Bendigo for Leisurefest with our Travel Journals & Caravan Log Books…we would love to see you, so please pop buy and say HELLO…

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