Does this ever happen to you? You’re on your caravanning adventure and you pull up at the BEST caravan park…and you are left wondering if you will ever find a park better!? Out of Office Aus rolled into the Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park and feel in LOVE… Real Stories | Real Families…

The thing we most commonly get asked when discussing “our big lap” is “where has been your favourite spot?”

It  really is too hard to pick a favourite all round spot given some places have an incredible natural environment, some have a great town vibe, some have epic beaches. We have however decided upon our all time FAVOURITE CARAVAN PARK!!!

🤩Have we called it too early in the trip???… maybe🤷🏼‍♀️, we’ll find out over the coming months.

Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park

There are a million reasons why, I’ll just list a few of the biggies:

😍Two wood fire heated pools, both beautifully landscaped💦

😍Large grassy sites🏕

😍Fire drums and wood avail for your own little private fire🔥

😍Instead of a big old jumping pillow, (that quite often drive me crazy with the girls when there are bigger kids around and it always ends in tears), they have 8 spring free trampolines so your kids can basically have their own private jumping session, or make buddies with kids similar ago for a jump.👧🏼🧒🏼

😍The cleanest, most modern bathrooms we’ve seen in any park… complete with music playing 🎶

😍An abundance of Australian wildlife🦘

😍The most incredible views looking up at the towering rock formations of the Grampians!⛰

😍Really lovely staff, all super passionate about making your stay as enjoyable as possible!🏞

😍Barista coffees avail from reception!! ☕️

😍The Grampians Treasure Hunts avail for free for all guests🗺  (I’ll give you some more detail on this further down).

😍Really thoughtful little signs about respecting others… instead of “don’t do this, don’t do that”, they are almost more motivational style quotes about making it a nice stay!☯️

😍And finally, not that we stayed in them, but the most beautifully set up glamping tents alongside the river 🏕

So let me further explain the Grampians Treasure Hunts

🤔You know sometimes you arrive at a destination with only a few days there and are completely overwhelmed with the amount of activities, attractions and sites to see on offer…

🏞This is the Grampians, if we had the time, I’d spend, I reckon 2-3 weeks here. Especially given how beautiful the park is where we are staying, I’d actually really also just love a couple of days of lazing beside the wood fire pool, or a fire itself!

🤯Anyways, back to being overwhelmed with “what we should we go and do and see?” And “how do we motivate the kids after we’re only just friends again after the Pinnacle hike”😂.   Grampians Treasure Hunts saves the day…

🙌🏼A super fun treasure hunt that guides you around the region using an app with GPS guiding you to each location. When you get to a location or “find a treasure” you are given a little spiel through the app about the location or historical facts.

👧🏼🧒🏼We did the “Let Kids be Kids” version. Not only did we get to see a great variety of Grampians attractions (including guiding us to the ice cream shop 🍦on one of the stops!), the kids were so pumped about finding each spot and taking it in! Even the bush walk stop!!! 🥾They eagerly listened to the app and took in all the info. With each location we found, we received a letter for a word to unscramble at the end. We solved the puzzle and rewarded with actual little treasures back at reception!

📸Check out the pics for some of the cool things we did!! I only wish we could rock up at each place we visit and have something like this to guide us around and keep the motivation levels up like this!!


And even better, the whole thing was completely free for guests of Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park.

So there you have it, our favourite caravan park in all of Australia!!

Thanks for following along and we really look forward to sharing our adventure with you on Facebook and Instagram

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