Over 10,000km in outback & far north Queensland with our Vacationer Caravans Rough Rider.

One of the questions we got asked daily was HOW MUCH DUST GOT IN YOUR VAN?…and

How did you prepare your van for the dirt roads?

When we returned, we shot this little clip to show you exactly how much dust got in!

We didn’t ‘prepare’ our van! When we built our Vacationer Caravans Rough Rider we asked if we need to do anything ‘extra’ before we headed off on our Outback Queensland adventure. We were heading to the Simpson Desert for the Big Red Bash and then up to the tip of Cape York (yes…we took our caravan all the way….stay tuned for more about this EPIC adventure…) Do we need to tape our windows? put yoga mats over our vents? Pool noodles under the rig?

Simple answer – NO…

We didn’t do any preparation – we took the van to the desert and the tip as is – no taping, no covering vents, no yoga mats!

Check out the results below…


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