In this article we hear from Jessica Smit from Cowfish Technologies, on travelling Australia with a decent internet connection.

Why do you choose to travel? Answers might vary but are basically the same at heart. We want to embark on new adventures that will challenge us and explore new surroundings. Travel inadvertently takes us out of our comfort zones, whether we like it or not, and inspires us to see and try new things. We want to embrace and share these new adventures and meaningful experiences with our friends and family. Sharing is how we connect; it is how we convey ideas and communicate. Sharing when sitting around a campfire is an incredibly relaxing way to communicate and connect with fellow travellers. Beyond the intimacy of a campfire, the beauty of continuing to share is to ensure we are securely connected with our friends and family through the internet and our social platforms.

Through our own adventures travelling around Australia, we experienced a considerable shortfall in the ability to connect to the internet. Far too many times to count we couldn’t get a decent signal, or the internet was so slow that it was practically unusable. Our inability to attain a reliable internet connection drove us to develop something that has not been offered to our fellow travellers in the past; a fast, reliable and affordable way to keep in contact and connect on every level. We wanted to do away with slow internet speeds that were taking us back to the days of dial-up and truly bring the ability to connect to the internet on the road into the 21st century. The experience of poor reception, in areas where our internet should have been solid, pushed us to pursue better technology and through our pursuit, the VanConnect internet system was developed.

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Travelling and connecting are incredibly important to us, however, I will not drone on and on about technical advancements of the VanConnect, or things like bandwidth, latency, difference in 4G standards, MIMO, voltage, WiFi versions and anything else regarding the technical specifications of our VanConnect internet unit. All of that is addressed on our website

What I do wish to convey to you all is that the VanConnect has been developed from experience through what did and didn’t work while traveling. We tried and tested the VanConnect during our travels in order to school the kids and connect with our friends. What we want is what everyone wants; the ability to connect, convey and communicate while we travel.

The internet makes it possible to quickly find information, communicate with people online that share our interests, manage our finances, shop online, listen to music, watch videos, and much, much more. Additionally, some travellers rely on internet access for a memorable vacation. They want to document their trip on social media, and some may even be major figures on social media whose careers depend on posting frequently and often.

Without access to fast, reliable internet, you’re likely to find that your travels are not as fun as you thought they would be. Even people planning to go completely off-grid (at least when it comes to the internet) may find the lack of internet access problematic – there’s no telling when you may encounter a situation that turns your plans on their head. The internet is a great venue to know what is happening in our surroundings. It is also the fastest way to be updated on what is happening around you and adjust your plans. With the VanConnect you get exactly that, fast and reliable internet.

Travel and connection can bring us closer to that ever-elusive feeling of contentment. To engage with different people and reconnect with the ones we hold near and dear. Through the VanConnect we are able to connect to the internet and continue to share our experiences of amazing places. We can help others understand the highs and lows of a journey, we can plan our next steps, we can keep in touch with loved ones and continue to educate our children whilst on the road.

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